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A gift can be a spur of the moment act of gratitude, a token of love and friendship, or to mark perhaps a birthday, retirement gift or a thank you.  A book is the perfect solution.  A book is a gift that is opened every day, like wine it never ages but matures. A book is within budget, is ordered from the comfort of your home, is gift-wrapped and opened with delight. There is a Michael Walsh book for everyone.

HISTORY BUFFS will delight on a refreshing change from war victors’ spin. Look out for bestseller Witness to History (five volumes), The All Lies Invasion, Life in the Reich, Reich and Wrong, Ransacking the Reich, Death of a City and similar titles.

THE ROMANOV DYNASTY One of the great enigmas of history. Imperial Russia, once the world’s richest empire was crushed from 1917; what really did happen to the Imperial family and the nation’s fabulous wealth and why have we waited until now to discover the truth. Get a copy of Slaughter of a Dynasty.

First time published in the West: The Slaughter of a Dynasty, The Exiled Duke who Turned a Desert into a Paradise, and Trotsky’s White Negroes, the INSIDE story of what really happened during the Bolshevik seizure of the Tsar’s Imperial Russia (1613 – 1917).

ALLIED WAR CRIMES In collaboration with the Soviets, the United States and Britain, with Communist China, have chalked up 164 million civilian deaths in the 20th Century ~ and still counting. Find out more in Trotsky’s White Negroes, Megacaust, and Witness to History Mega-Volume or Volumes I, II, III and IV.

CRIME BUFFS feel their nerves jangle as they turn the pages of The Stigma Enigma and A Leopard in Liverpool, two nail-biting city vigilante thrillers. Feel anger at reading the revelations of arch crook Toni Muldoon’s The Dream Snatcher, the fugitive who before his death bragged that he was the Mediterranean’s top conman.

CULTURE VULTURES can’t resist Sculptures of the Third Reich Volumes I and II. The Art of Adolf Hitler, Europe Arise, Inspire a Nation Volumes I and II. 

ROMANTICS adore the Michael Walsh collections of illustrated verse. Top sellers are Immortal Beloved, Whispering Hope, Forty Shades of Verse (Irish Theme)  and For Those Who Cannot Speak. There are eight heart-stopping choices for you to choose from.

THE DARK CONTINENT reveals the horrors of African nationalism; Africa’s Killing Fields, Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral, The Last Gladiators.


Perhaps you would be kind enough to forward the link to my website to your book-loving friends, who I am sure would appreciate your gesture. Thank you. 

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Michael Walsh, Euro Weekly News ‘Writer of the Year 2011’. With over 60 books bearing his name, Liverpool born Michael is arguably Europe’s most successful author of multi-topic books none of which have been ghost-written.


REAL HISTORY lavishly illustrated best-selling Amazon favourites that challenge the palace publishers heavily spun versions of real history; read the buyer comments. Nothing beats the satisfaction you feel when correcting the less well-informed with provable facts and quotes.  

GENERAL INTEREST All Michael Walsh books are illustrated and factually based on his life and experiences.  Unlike many authors, having lived in and worked all over Europe, and Africa from Algiers to Cape Town, he writes from first hand experience. 

STRICTLY FOR ROMANTICS Eureka! A genuine ‘people’s poet’, Michael’s verse when published on Facebook receives hundreds of likes and scores of tributes from an international audience. His books make super, unique and easily ordered gifts for friends; books are gifts that are opened every day. 


Click BOOKSHOP for a salivating choice of best-selling taboo book titles with links direct to Amazon. Despite being shunned by corporate media due to his politically incorrect book titles, Michael remains undisputed Europe’s most prolific multi-topic author in Britain and Europe. 


Our self-published books are cheaper than Amazon and for a few extra dollars / pounds signed as you wish by the author. Author signed books are collectables and sell for more than you pay on eBay and social media. BOOKS NOW ONLY $19.95 / £15.95

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EASY PURCHASE IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE UK / EU Most book buyers use one of MoneyGram’s 350,000 high street agents in over 200 countries. Also Transferwise and Western Union. Typically, in one small Spanish city, just one Post Office but 7 shops sending and receiving MoneyGram money transfers.

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Poet Tribute Tom Roberts

SPECIAL GIFT “You are an amazing poet. The poet who has a special gift of seeing the beauty of this world and generating love in his heart, and filtering his sensual fantasies with his sharp mind to bring them to perfection in form”. ~ Yvette Kalnina.

I FELT FEVER “After your poem, it was breathtaking but also I had tears, I felt fever.  You touched so deep my heart till my soul.  It was so beautiful. I can’t to find again right words but I can to say big thank you that you saw me in this poem, and yes, I saw myself there. Your poems are divine”. ~  Ina Čaklā.

revenge 2

A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOL Revenge of a Predator, Vigilante rated better than Death Wish. “Excellent thriller is written in the tense style of a John Le Carre novel” and “A very exciting and heart-warming story about an ex-mercenary looking for his lost daughter who was forced into prostitution.”

slaughter Spain 2

SLAUGHTER OF A DYNASTY Michael Walsh. In 1917 Tsar Nicholas II was ousted and satanic taboo darkness descended on the world’s richest nation.  Secretly aided by the U.S. UK and France, the Bolsheviks tightened their death grip on Imperial Russia during which an estimated 70 – 100 million Christian Europeans were martyred; corporate media never mention this holocaust.

For 36 years Bolshevik atrocities were censored, laundered, even excused by media and politicians. A big story in Russia but taboo in the West.  Beautifully illustrated Slaughter of a Dynasty offers insight into issues discreetly removed from conventional history books. 

Tribute Poetry Margriet

WHISPERING HOPE Dreamy illustrated poetry collections of Michael Walsh. “You are really the last romantic in Europe: your poems are so lovely.  You have created the world of your own, inhabited by your romantic dreams, fantasies, characters, imaginations, rhythms and melodies in accordance with the laws of Beauty. I should say: a rather closed world, But it’s a pleasure for me to be in touch with it a little bit.” ~ Irina, Volgograd.

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THE STIGMA ENIGMA. Programmed to kill, former mercenary Jack Scarlett is in a no holds barred conflict in which no prisoners are taken. Double-crossed in love and trust, in the predator’s cross-hairs are the most sinister sinners of Liverpool’s underworld. Determined to stop his high-octane lethal feud is Detective Chief Inspector Eric Jansen. The killer question is, can Detective Chief Inspector Eric Jansen stop Jack Scarlett, and does he really want to.

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BELIEVING OF LIVERPOOL Dubbed ‘Auf Weidersehen Liverpool’, Michael Walsh own sailor experience stories, ghosts, mystery, humour.  Lavishly illustrated and 28 with exciting sailors real experience yarns plus bonus nostalgia. 

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EXILED ROMANOV WHO TURNED DESERT TO PARADISE Mankind leaves it to God to turn desert into Eden but the exiled Grand Duke Nicholas Romanov did it his way. Cheated of his right to the Tsar’s crown and throne, he created a prosperous, well-irrigated paradise from the Asian outback.

Born 1850, the exile was one of the most talented of the Romanov Dynasty. He created a canal system still in use today. Villages were created, public buildings and palaces blossomed, which are still in use. Secreted away inside the palace was a recently discovered collection of treasures and artworks the wealth of which defies valuation. The Grand Duke left his imprint on a wilderness that only a deity can remove. 

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INSPIRE A NATION Volume I and Volume II. Volume I tends towards the philosophical  esoteric and politically amusing quotations. Romantics will choose Volume II ~ have a little wine with you to leave you satiated.  Inspire a Nation I and II are the perfect bedside companions or coffee table compliment.

The Editorial Board of Euro Weekly News in 2011 unanimously nominated ‘Writer of the Year‘ award to Michael Walsh.  Here, the group’s owners, Michel Eusden and her husband Steven present the award at a gala dinner held near Marbella. The award was especially created for Michael Walsh and has never since been passed to other writers.

ewn writer of the year

Euro Weekly News: Writer of the Year

I will never meet my Maker

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“You are so talented. Even after refusing to take on work offered by publishers they still write back to try and sweet talk you into having a go. That is why I am willing to double my offer on the subject mentioned in my previous letter.” ~ Harry Samiy. Unlimited Ideas Publishing, Portsmouth.

A big fan of yours

“Brilliant! Good to have you on board bringing a great edge to the newspaper.”  ~ Alfredo Bloy. Editor, Euro Weekly News.

You´re a superb writer