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Have you written or partly written a book that would benefit from professional editing and expanded by flair, flow and added story-telling? I welcome fiction, real life, bio, celebrity, romance and erotica, long or short stories, crime etc. If so, email part or all of your file content for a free no obligation assessment.


Finding a book publisher prepared to accept a new author is hard work. But, conventional publishers may make you an offer when you prove yourself.  Most writers engage an editor who brings their book to retail standards. The modest fees are recoverable through book royalties that are transferred to the author’s bank account.

You’re in the best possible company as 80 percent of celebrity memoirs and forty percent of conventional books are ghost-written.  Self-published writers include Marcel Proust, James Joyce, and Beatrix Potter. David Chilton (The Bridges of Madison County), Deepak Chopra, Gertrude Stein, Zane Grey, Upton Sinclair, Carl Sandburg, Mark Twain, Bernard Shaw, Anais Nin, Virginia Wolff, Rudyard Kipling, Henry David Thoreau, Alexandre Dumas and many similar.


Writers like Jeffrey Archer and Wilbur Smith do not write books. They provide the story-line and their ghost does the rest.  It is not important that you have completed your book when you contact me but I cannot produce a book out of a whim. I do need some written input from you; otherwise it is my book not yours. 


EDITING presumes you have finished your story or you’re working on it. In paid sections I go through your story sentence by sentence; correcting and enhancing your work by adding flair, flow and where appropriate dialogue. My fees are said to be perfectly reasonable.

GHOSTING is much more time-consuming as I need to spend time going meticulously through that already written. It is likely that I will need to access relevant notes and cuttings from periodicals, the recollections of others, build a picture of you and your life. My fees are variable and include actually hours worked and if visits are necessary costs entailed.

BOOK WRITING means you provide me with a sketch of your proposed story from which I fashion your book.  In most cases I do need approximately 20,000 words that I can add to. Basically, you provide the skeleton whilst I provide the flesh and attire. My fees are variable.

The average Mills and Boone novel contains about 50,000 words to the standard paperback’s 80,000 word content. With each completed sequence my fee is transferred to my UK or Spanish bank account.  This means you don’t get a full bill on completion and my running costs are covered.

I cannot visit you to discuss a story that you think might be a best-seller. Time and travel is expensive and takes me away from paying work. 


AMAZON / KINDLE are an online book publisher but the setting up is difficult for amateurs.  We can publish on Amazon / Kindle for you at an agreed fee. Royalties are about 15%.

BOOK PRINTING Your book is printed in any quantity from 200 copies. We work with an excellent book printers. Copyright is yours as is responsibility for content. Royalties can be as high as 70 percent for books sold directly. Allow for sellers margins (35%) and sales person commissions (20%) if you decide to let others do the selling work.

I once visited booksellers and retailers and sold a total of 3,000 books.  Some purchase quantities whilst others pay only for those they sell (Sale or Return). Many authors use social media such as Facebook; they sell their books through friends, in the workplace. You can advertise locally or in periodicals relevant to your novel’s story-line. 

THE BEST WRITING TIPS Share the costs of your initiative by inviting family and friends to chip in. After all, when you are a published author and earning royalties it helps them too. 

THE BEST WRITING TIPS My mother reminded me that my finger and my tongue do the same job: “write as you talk,” she advised. How many novels have you written with your tongue?

The average woman talks through 20,000 words each day. This suggests a woman uses her tongue enough times to pen two novels each week.

Imagine that your close friend has implored you to tell her your story and to leave nothing out.  Do so by telling her your story with your writing fingers.  Leave me to add flair, flow, interaction and dialogue so the reader feels the desire to turn to the next page.

THERAPEUTIC Writing is satisfying and fun. Your keyboard is your artist’s palette and the screen your canvas. Start and you will find the words flow and story-telling becomes so addictive you won’t wish to stop. 

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  • Does your writing let you down? I can help you.
  • The copyright of your book is yours as are the royalties.
  • No catches, you pay only my ghost-writing fees.
  • Most people have a story to tell: personal experiences, love affairs real or imaginary, family history and book length is irrelevant.
  • I enhance your content, editing and adding flair and flow.
  • I am not judgmental so feel free to write as you wish.
  • Consider a career related story; health, leisure industry, police, armed forces.
  • Michael Walsh Writing Services one-stop-shop.
  • I bring your copy up to retail standard and suggest a cover price.
  • Authors make as much as 70% of the cover price on their printed books.
  • I can if you wish to arrange the printing and delivery of your books at competitive prices.

My clients soon become friends with some returning with new book ideas. 

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“You are so talented. Even after refusing to take on work offered by publishers they still write back to try and sweet talk you into having a go. That is why I am willing to double my offer on the subject mentioned in my previous letter.” ~ Harry Samiy. Unlimited Ideas Publishing, Portsmouth.

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“Brilliant! Good to have you on board bringing a great edge to the newspaper.”  ~ Alfredo Bloy. Editor, Euro Weekly News.

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