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THE PHANTOM OF OPHELIA Michael Walsh. A novel but not a work of fiction. Drawing on his real-life and location experiences this romantic-supernatural biography will ravish the reader. See also SPIRITUAL link for a fuller description. 

THE DOVETAILS Michael Walsh. A tender romantic-comedy centering on the togetherness of Gareth, Leonora and Felicity. The engaging interludes are accompanied by risqué humour and naughty incidents. A reader writes, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is girl-talk, excitement, revelations, dilemmas, compromises, romance, and at times pathos.’

SEX FEST AT TIFFANY’S Michael Walsh. Tiffany is a gorgeous heiress. Through unfortunate circumstance she discovers she is is new owner of a brothel named Sex Fest at Tiffany’s.  The romantic, heartwarming and often amusing sequel to The Dovetails romantic comedy. 

Gareth, Leonora and Felicity celebrate their successful business finale with a holiday of a lifetime on Spain’s Riviera. There, Tiffany becomes acquainted with the holidaying trio. This engaging romance sparkles with wise-cracking wit and page-marking romps to an ending that leaves the (over 18 years please) reader reaching for their Kleenex.

THE SOULS MEET This piquant paranormal romance will challenge your beliefs in the supernatural and push the frontiers of romantic convention. It could happen to anyone; how would you and your lover respond?  Read with closed eyes and an open mind. This astonishing novel may well prove to be a revolution in English-Irish literature. 

CRIME READING ENTHUSIASTS nerves jangle as readers turn the pages of The Stigma Enigma and A Leopard in Liverpool, Michael Walsh’s city vigilante thrillers.

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THE LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL Michael Walsh. 55 true sea stories 100 pictures first time published plus bonus inserts. The seafaring author’s first-hand account of the ships, seafarers and their adventures (1955 – 1975).  This unique book pays tribute to the ships and seamen of Britain’s Merchant Navy then the largest merchant marine in history. 

BRITANNIC WAIVES THE RULES Michael Walsh. The last of the White Star Liners (1845-1960) serving the cross Atlantic passenger phenomena. Michael Walsh, the superliner’s last deck boy clearly recalls the liner’s most exciting events and interesting crew members, the roustabouts in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, near tragedies, the fist-fights and the glamour. Full illustrated unique volume not to be missed.

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Volume I Michael Walsh a wealth of Sea Tragedies, Mysteries, Heroism and Follies. These amazing but true stories many unknown to Westerners provide the reader with a colourful cornucopia of maritime incidents, enigmas and colourful characters. 

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Vol II  Michael Walsh The success of Volume I of the Sagas series inspired demand for Volume II. If your taste is in sea battles and heroic endeavour, submarine warfare, tragedy, folly and maritime daring, you will find Untold Sagas of the Sea Volume II a gripping chronicle of great stories we dredged up from the seven and more seas. 

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Vol III Michael Walsh. The success of Volume I and II of the sea saga series stirred interest in reliving (and dying) the most heartbreaking and often avoidable sea tragedies of all time.  As your destination might not be as you intend this is not a book to be read before catching a ferry. 

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Vol IV Ex-Seaman Michael Walsh keeping the dramas of ships and crews alive. Truth is stranger than fiction as is revealed in nearly 40 amazing seafaring stories we raised from the seabed. A glance at the chapter list will raise your eyebrows and provide you with a lifetime’s conversational pieces. 

SAGA SERIES COMMENT: ‘I received last week the first two volumes of the series, I’m enjoying the reading very much and I recommend it to everyone interested in the sea and seafaring history.’ ~ Zé-António Pimenta de França.

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DEBTOR’S REVENGE Investigative Journalist Michael Walsh.  Those who fall victim to the taxman, banks and moneylenders are victims of legalised mugging.  DEBTOR’S REVENGE teaches you how to turn the tables on your tormentors.  Subtitled, ‘Don’t get mad get even‘, Debtor’s Revenge is the essential Guide for victims of bank usury, over taxation, threatening letters, bailiffs and bankruptcy. 

THE BUSINESS BOOSTER Michael Walsh.  Shows you how to reduce your expenditure and workload whilst doubling your profits. The author was the Guild of Master Craftsman’s most successful business analyst for twenty years.  The Business Booster is replete with advice from Britain’s most successful small business bosses.

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STRICTLY FOR ROMANTICS adore the Michael Walsh collections of illustrated verse. Top sellers are Immortal Beloved, Whispering Hope, Forty Shades of Verse (Irish Theme), In Love with Latvia and For Those Who Cannot Speak. Click POETRY to find more books and videos. 

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HISTORY BUFFS will discover a refreshing change from war victors’ spin.  Look out for bestsellers at our presence on REAL HISTORY: Witness to History, My Last Testament Let God Judge Me,  The All Lies Invasion Volume I, The All Lies Invasion Volume II, Reich and Wrong, Uncensored Adolf Hitler, Odyssey Adolf Hitler, Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph, Heroes of the Reich, The Fuhrer’s Proclamation To the German People: The Reich Declaration of War on the USSR, The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler,  Ransacking the Reich, The Red Brigands, Death of a City, Sculptures of the Third Reich: Porcelain and Reich Sculptors Volume III, and similar titles. REAL HISTORY 

SLAUGHTER OF A DYNASTY Michael Walsh Until 1917 Imperial Russia was the world’s richest empire . What really happened to the Romanovs Imperial family? Where did the nation’s wealth end up? Why is this amazing book’s revelations taboo? ‘This book answered a lot of questions about the political underworld’s aliens involved in the demise of the Romanovs. Very enlightening.’ ~ Zansdor. 

TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES Michael Walsh. First time published in the West: The Slaughter of a Dynasty, The Exiled Duke who Turned a Desert into a Paradise, and Trotsky’s White Negroes, the INSIDE story of what really happened during the Bolshevik seizure of Imperial Russia and the martyrdom of 66.7 million Christians. 

MEGACAUST Michael Walsh The Soviets, United States, Britain and Communist China, between them chalked up 164 million civilian deaths in the 20th Century. 

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ART OF ADOLF HITLER Michael Walsh and many more great titles such as Sculptures of the Third Reich Volumes I  II, and Sculptures of the Third Reich: Porcelain and Reich Sculptors Volume III, Inspire a Nation Volumes I and II.

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EUROPE ARISE Michael Walsh READ FREE saves you from paying the book’s cover price. Years of unpaid research and hard work went into writing and publishing this book. Michael will send you his bank-to-bank details if you wish to voluntarily transfer or ZELLE a donation to help cover his costs. Contact Michael at euroman_uk@yahoo.co.uk  https://europerenaissance.files.wordpress.com/2021/12/europe-arise-web-site.pdf


RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL Michael Walsh regularly traveled to North, South, East and West Africa ~ before nationalism reaped its holocaust of both Africans and Europeans.  These insider books reveal the horrors of African nationalism; Africa’s Killing Fields, Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral, The Last Gladiators. 

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Be kind enough to forward the link to my website to your book-loving friends. I am sure they will appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Thank you.  Michael Walsh.

Michael Walsh, Euro Weekly News ‘Writer of the Year 2011’. With 70 book covers bearing his name, Michael is arguably Europe’s most successful multi-topical author none of which have been ghost-written.

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REAL HISTORY lavishly illustrated best-selling Amazon favourites that challenge the palace publishers spun versions of history. 

GENERAL INTEREST  Michael Walsh books are illustrated and factually based on his life and experiences.  Unlike many authors, having lived in and worked all over Europe, and Africa from Algiers to Cape Town, he writes from first-hand experience. 

POETRY Eureka! A genuine ‘people’s poet’, Michael’s verse when published on Facebook receives hundreds of likes and scores of tributes from an international audience. His books make super, unique and easily ordered gifts for friends. 

WHISPERING HOPE Dreamy illustrated poetry collections of Michael Walsh. “You are really the last romantic in Europe: your poems are so lovely.  You have created the world of your own, inhabited by your romantic dreams, fantasies, characters, imaginations, rhythms and melodies in accordance with the laws of Beauty. I should say: a rather closed world, But it’s a pleasure for me to be in touch with it a little bit.” ~ Irina, Volgograd. 

I FELT FEVER “After your poem, it was breathtaking but also I had tears, I felt fever.  You touched so deep my heart till my soul.  It was so beautiful. I can’t to find again right words but I can to say big thank you that you saw me in this poem, and yes, I saw myself there. Your poems are divine”. ~  Ina Čaklā.

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INSPIRE A NATION Volume I and Volume II. Volume I tends towards the philosophical esoteric and politically amusing quotations. Romantics will choose Volume II ~ to have a little wine with you to leave you satiated.  Inspire a Nation I and II are the perfect bedside companions or coffee table compliment. 


Click BOOKSHOP for a salivating choice of best-selling taboo book titles with links direct to Amazon / Kindle books. Michael remains undisputed Europe’s most prolific multi-topic author. 


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The Editorial Board of Euro Weekly News in 2011 unanimously nominated ‘Writer of the Year‘ award to Michael Walsh.  Here, the group’s owners, Michel Eusden and her husband Steven present the award at a gala dinner held near Marbella. The award was specially created for Michael Walsh and has never since been passed to other writers.

ewn writer of the year

Euro Weekly News: Writer of the Year

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BOOK EDITING AND GHOST-WRITING SERVICES by Michael Walsh. Click the Link for further details. https://europerenaissance.com/2021/08/27/if-you-have-a-story-to-tell/

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“You are so talented. Even after refusing to take on work offered by publishers they still write back to try and sweet talk you into having a go. That is why I am willing to double my offer on the subject mentioned in my previous letter.” ~ Harry Samiy. Unlimited Ideas Publishing, Portsmouth.

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“Brilliant! Good to have you on board bringing a great edge to the newspaper.”  ~ Alfredo Bloy. Editor, Euro Weekly News.

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