When Euro Weekly News Group wanted a top professional business doctor to advise their 550,000 weekly readers they turned to Michael Walsh. It made sense as the self-made business veteran spent 20-years assessing and vetting, advising and mentoring thousands of successful British businesses.

Business Booster Cover
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Michael Walsh was the Guild of Master Craftsmen’s second longest serving membership executive; their most successful business doctor ever. He was also headhunted by The Federation of Master Builders.

Drawing on 20 years’ experience assessing Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses, he says it is pleasing to assist thousands of business owners in this cost effective way. Conceding that there are 1,000s of business advice books looking for buyers, he says his Business Booster book has a stunning advantage over others.

“My Business Booster is not theory but the passing on of the most successful tricks of the trade ever published. When you read Business Booster you are inspired by the hands-on experiences and advice of thousands of successful entrepreneurs.

Top business assessment and recruitment executive for the Guild of Master Craftsmen and Federation of Master Builders for twenty years, Michael Walsh identified, assessed and recruited the best of British business.

Britain’s No 1 small business mentor says, “The business guide’s usefulness is not only based on my own experiences. I was privileged to meet the heads of thousands of successful businesses. Some were sole traders; many more were household name cutting edge inspiring business professionals. I learned a great deal from them.  It’s good that, though semi-retired, I can continue to help small businesses owners to survive in a tough climate.”

A unique hands-on guide to successfully and efficiently running a small business, The Business Booster by Michael Walsh is available on Amazon.


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