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From ancient times, the rise and fall of landscapes and panoramas have enchanted man.  None captivated him as much as the rise and fall of woman’s flowing curves.  A restless man gazes deep into the heavens and he peers into the deepest oceans.  Yet, to truly lose himself all he need do is to gaze into the depths of a woman’s eyes.

Over two-millennium man has created and perfected thousands of different types of musical instruments. He has yet to create a single musical instrument to equal the charm of a woman’s melodic voice singing an aria or lullaby. If we were to remove the inspiration of woman that so readily stimulates art; poetry, literature, sculpture, music, then our art galleries, our libraries, and theatres would be eerily empty.

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Man is overawed by the greatness of nature yet never is he so spellbound as when witness to the process of reincarnation at the birthing bed. A glance through the history books is all that is necessary to suggest that power, not just behind the throne but on the throne, is the true manifestation of woman power.

England remembers its hapless and cruel kings yet the personification of Britain is the female Britannia, named after the Brettaniai tribes of those sceptre isles.  The English revere Boadicea (1st Century AD).  She was the only British leader to humble the Roman Empire.  Her French nemesis, Joan of Arc (1412 – 1431), before meeting her fiery fate, humbled the vainglorious English.

England’s monarchy stretches back over a millennium yet the two monarchs that immediately spring to mind are Queen Elizabeth 1 (1533 – 1603) and Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901).  Arguably, the first was the genesis of the British Empire; the reign of Elizabeth 1 certainly elevated England for the first time to world power status.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, Britain, that before her reign was no more significant than that of competing continental powers France and Spain, became the world’s greatest empire?  Queen Victoria was crowned Empress of India, the only such title bestowed upon an English head of state. Taking one country in isolation hardly makes a point.

Russia’s Peter the Great is revered but Catherine the Great (1729 – 1796) more so.  Catherine’s ambitions Westernised and modernised Russia.  During the reign of Catherine, the Great Russia became the only country whose the frontiers spanned three continents; Europe, Asia, and America.

Spain, Europe’s most machismo nation, was finally unified and the Moors 700 year occupancy brought to an end by Spain’s one notable monarch, Queen Isabella l (1451 – 1504).

During the reign of Isabella Spain achieved world power status to rival that of England. The Spanish monarch sponsored Christopher Columbus, who, whilst not necessarily discovering America, certainly founded it.

The enormous 800-year power of the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire, Europe’s longest lasting dynasty, was consolidated by Maria Theresa of Austria (1717 – 1780).

Mankind’s odyssey has been lantern lit by women, not all of them monarchs.  The roll call of world-shaping women is impressive; Cleopatra, Helen of Troy.  In all fields of activity, whilst women don’t dominate in numbers they do take the podium of bringing about great change, mostly for the good.




Everyone has a book inside them and sadly this is where it usually stays. As Richard Bach says, ‘a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’

Writing a book is a challenge but by way of letters and emails, most people have already written enough to complete several paperbacks.

As with learning any new skill, there’s a formula for success. Using the advice given or learned I added my name to over 40 book titles and I have ghosted as many more. Your typing finger is simply a spare tongue so let your finger do the talking.

Most wannabe authors are deterred by their inability to write to retail standards. But, poor writing never discouraged successful authors like Jeffrey Archer or Stephen King. Their storyline inspirations are simply handed to a ghostwriter who writes their book.

Most books are brought to publishing standards by a ghost-writer rather than the person named on the book’s cover. Many well-known authors lend their names to the works of lesser-known authors. These include Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and Clive Cussler.

Clancy’s publishers say: “Tom Clancy creates the ideas for these series and the writers execute Clancy’s ideas. All are subject to his supervision.”

It helps if the writer has experience of the subject. It is not unknown for hoteliers, social workers, those employed in the sex industry, policemen and entertainers to make more money selling their life story than living it.

Biographies don’t sell but romance and erotica; dubbed mummy porn clears the shelves. The soft porn market generates $1.44 billion each year; most buyers are women. Hot on the heels of erotica are crime novels but with sales at $728 million crime is unlikely to close the thigh gap.

Mills and Boon shrugged off its maiden aunt image by adding Cherish and Dare Romance books which are much more sexually explicit. These are described by the publishers as erotically charged and irresistibly passionate.

Size is important: The word count for romantic novels is 50,000 whilst the average paperback is likely to consist of 70 to 80k words. A sticking point for many new authors is an embarrassment but if a pen name is used who knows?

Will you make the Rich List? It’s a lottery but ‘if you’re not in you can’t win’. Certainly, being a published author is financially viable; a 10-day cruise would cost more than the ghost-writing and publishing fees but royalties recover some or all of one’s outlay. These tend to be 10 to 15 per cent of the cover price, which is paid direct into one’s bank account.


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FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK. Michael Walsh. (Anti-War Poetry) 

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World War II

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AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS.  Victims of the Liberal-Left, Michael Walsh. Kindle Edition

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Dmitri Hvorostovsky has died at the age of 55 following a lengthy illness. In late June 2015, the singer, who has lived in London for many years, announced that he was suffering from a brain tumor. Dmitri Hvorostovsky died in London at 3:36 am London time, RIA Novosti reports, citing Russian musician Dmitry Malikov. His family has confirmed his passing.

After his opera debut in “The Queen of Spades” by Tchaikovsky in Nice in 1989, Hvorostovsky was invited to perform at the world’s best opera houses and participate in recognized opera festivals such as the Royal Theater of Covent Garden (London, UK), Metropolitan Opera (New York, USA), Paris Opera, Bavarian State Opera (Munich, Germany), La Scala (Milan, Italy), the Vienna State Opera and the Salzburg Festival.

Vanity Fair summed the Siberian baritone up by describing the silver-haired opera star thus; “He is sending aficionados the world over into a collective swoon.” W Magazine described the velvet-voiced singer as ‘opera’s reigning, and perhaps its one and only hunk.”

The periodical should stick to vacuous celebrity gossip, reviews and pictures. The world of operas is globally renowned for ethnic-European drop-dead-gorgeous sopranos, tenors and baritones. But never mind that, October 16 marks the 55th birthday of arguably the most famous baritone in recording history.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky was born and studied in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Audiences the world over are intrigued by the baritone’s platinum-coated voice, innate sense of musical line and natural legato. The outstanding singer has appeared at Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, New York’s Metropolitan Opera, Paris Opera, Bayerische Staatsoper Munich, Salzburg Festival, La Scala Milan, Vienna State Opera and Chicago Lyric Opera.

A celebrated recitalist in demand in every corner of the globe, from the Far East to the Middle East, from Australia to South America, Dmitri has appeared at Wigmore Hall, London; Carnegie Hall, New York; the Teatro alla Scala, Milan; the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, Moscow; the Liceu, Barcelona; the Suntory Hall, Tokyo; and the Musikverein, Vienna.

Dmitri retains a strong musical and personal contact with Russia. He became the first opera singer to give a solo concert with orchestra and chorus on Red Square in Moscow. This outstanding event was televised in over 25 countries.

Known by the company one keeps, his co-stars and friends include celebrated artists Renée Fleming, Anna Netrebko, Barbara Frittoli, Elina Garanca, Sumi Jo, Sondra Radvanovsky, Jonas Kaufmann, Marcello Giordani and Ildar Abdrazakov.

Recently it was reported that the acclaimed opera star had passed away. The reports, carried on the BBC News website, were completely without foundation. Some months ago, Dmitri asked all media not to circulate any reports about his health that did not originate from himself or his family. The artist, 54, is receiving treatment for brain cancer.


Earth is empty when you’re not around;
Minutes flow like hours, and hours like days.
Still, the orchard leaves keep falling down,
And the cabs keep rushing on their ways.
Oh, how empty has the world become without you.
And you, you keep flying, and stars
Share with you all their tenderness . . .

In the age when partings rule the world,
Life is tougher yet for those who stay,
For to wait is harder than to risk
For the billion stars dividing us.

As the radiation storm is raging below,
I still feel you down there on Earth
Sending me all your tenderness . . .

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“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not. But a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

There is a man who should know for Mozart was an avid traveller. In this one respect, I am in perfect harmony with Europe’s most famous musician. As a youngster, I gazed across the sea’s horizon. As I whiled away an hour or so I allowed my imagination to let me see things I hoped to one day experience.

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Later, whilst in pursuit of my dreams, I was fortunate enough to make friends in the cantinas of Latin America and knock ‘em back in Melbourne.

As my feet went forward they took me to the admittedly seedy bars scattered along Durban’s waterfront. With a shudder, I recall an occasion when I was nearly ‘run over’ by a barge towing a crane in a Middle Eastern harbour.

My longing to travel remains but my means to do so has left me in its wake. It did occur to me that I could live the good life by offering to be a European aide of an African despot. But, such men can be as temperamental as an opera diva.

Having dropped anchor in Mediterranean Spain I now find myself back to where it all started. These days, as I saunter along our sun-kissed beaches, I still gaze out to sea. But, instead of dreaming I reminisce and to be honest both are to be recommended.

We really don’t take imagination and dreaming seriously enough. Most people settle for less by enduring a rather vapid reality. In my view, the ability to close one’s eyes and daydream is an opportunity to live the life you wish for rather than the existence you have been burdened with.

Your reality sees me stretched out on my patio’s recliner. Look instead inside my head and you will see the reason for my whimsical smile. Inside my sub-consciousness, I relish life on the sundeck of an ocean liner. As I breathe in the briny aromas of the ocean I listen to travelling companions enjoying the pool. Touchingly, beside me relaxes the companion of my dreams.

Do feel free to enjoy your reality by all means but excuse me whilst I close my eyes and live what is to me the alternative reality. “Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” ~ Oscar Wilde.