A master of deception, Toni Muldoon, in 2013, was sentenced to six years and five months for unashamed fraud.  The Londoner’s crimes were committed primarily but not exclusively on the Costa del Sol, the amount defrauded was estimated at £5.7 million. The true figure will never be known; it could likely be doubled.

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These are statistics but what of the man himself? His story, as told to Michael Walsh, is a fascinating and revealing first-hand account of a rogue whose thefts make the Great Train Robbers appear as amateurs.  What was the methodology of this streetwise South London waif?

Muldoon successfully swindled the Inland Revenue, High Street banks, Hollywood’s film industry, industrial conglomerates, and he also took for an expensive ride an estimated 17,300 ordinary people.  Best wear your asbestos gloves, his story is hot.

Toni Muldoon The Dream Snatcher: Spain’s Most Successful Time Share Salesman Breaks Cover Paperback

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