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“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not. But a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

There is a man who should know for Mozart was an avid traveller. In this one respect, I am in perfect harmony with Europe’s most famous musician. As a youngster, I gazed across the sea’s horizon. As I whiled away an hour or so I allowed my imagination to let me see things I hoped to one day experience.

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Later, whilst in pursuit of my dreams, I was fortunate enough to make friends in the cantinas of Latin America and knock ‘em back in Melbourne.

As my feet went forward they took me to the admittedly seedy bars scattered along Durban’s waterfront. With a shudder, I recall an occasion when I was nearly ‘run over’ by a barge towing a crane in a Middle Eastern harbour.

My longing to travel remains but my means to do so has left me in its wake. It did occur to me that I could live the good life by offering to be a European aide of an African despot. But, such men can be as temperamental as an opera diva.

Having dropped anchor in Mediterranean Spain I now find myself back to where it all started. These days, as I saunter along our sun-kissed beaches, I still gaze out to sea. But, instead of dreaming I reminisce and to be honest both are to be recommended.

We really don’t take imagination and dreaming seriously enough. Most people settle for less by enduring a rather vapid reality. In my view, the ability to close one’s eyes and daydream is an opportunity to live the life you wish for rather than the existence you have been burdened with.

Your reality sees me stretched out on my patio’s recliner. Look instead inside my head and you will see the reason for my whimsical smile. Inside my sub-consciousness, I relish life on the sundeck of an ocean liner. As I breathe in the briny aromas of the ocean I listen to travelling companions enjoying the pool. Touchingly, beside me relaxes the companion of my dreams.

Do feel free to enjoy your reality by all means but excuse me whilst I close my eyes and live what is to me the alternative reality. “Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” ~ Oscar Wilde.

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