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On-going debate about the distraction of social media and television has much merit. But, it is our weakness if such takes too much of our time up. I wonder, having watched a favourite programme, will we ever glow from the satisfaction of having ourselves created something of enduring pleasure.

I spend too much time on Facebook; I enjoy the cut and thrust of social activity that crosses the world’s frontiers.

However, I must admit to being torn as to how I spend my leisure time. Like many others I have been given a gift; mine is creative writing, which I enjoy immensely.

A Latvian friend would spend hour after happy hour crocheting the most beautiful garments. I know of at least one church where her work performs its task as a sacred altar cloth. Her crocheting provides lasting pleasure and earns her high praise.

Many people hide their gifts as if they are ashamed or perhaps consider it vain to mention them. My profession meant my making home visits. Often, my attention would be caught by a photograph or artwork, a figurine or an item of clothing.

My expression asked the questions. Often, the shy reply would be, “it’s one of mine.”

I recall a 2 x 1 metre bevelled mirror that depicted an etched image of the RMS Titanic lunging out of the Atlantic as it collided with the iceberg. The etching was so breath-taking in its drama and beauty that I never forgot it. Yet, it was the work of a young glass engraver.

An acquaintance created an exact replica from sculptor’s clay of the church one was married in. I met a lady who applied her skills by turning enamelled dolls into imitations of one’s daughter. A young pianist composed her own melodies.

A was awestruck by personally created wedding dresses, hand-crafted furniture, carved figurines, paintings, photographic art, and replicas of everything from model ships to busts. Without question, each artefact was up to art gallery or museum standard. However, those with the greatest gifts tend to be the most quietly spoken.

Impressed by the skills and patience of their creators I was even more impressed by their creators’ blasé response to praise.

I am sorry I never pursued the idea. It occurred to me that if I were to book a local hall there would be an opportunity to showcase works of art created by the town’s most gifted citizens. I am sure the hall’s booking fee would be modest. Imagine the thrill of sharing one’s gifts with those you rub shoulders with every day.

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