Had Michael Walsh focused on using his business expertise rather than following his ideological instincts he would likely be a wealthier person now. A highly respected business affairs columnist for media, Michael Walsh based his business counselling on a successful career as a business consultant.

The far-right Michael Walsh has been compared to John Harvey-Jones (1924 – 2008). The charismatic business advisor hosted the television series The Trouble Shooter which identified and removed problems troubling good but ailing businesses.


Back in 1987, the gun shop owner and former leader of British Movement was headhunted by the prestigious Guild of Master Craftsmen. The authoritarian business accreditation body was ranked higher than the British Standards and Kite Mark standards of business excellence.

Michael Walsh was the Guild of Master Craftsmen’s most successful and longest-serving Assessment and Recruitment Manager.


The quality assurance accreditation body’s patron was the Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher. The Guild’s membership base includes the most illustrious names in British industry, commerce and retailing industries.  In 1989, the highly acclaimed Federation of Master Builders also invited Michael Walsh to assess businesses on their behalf. Michael finally ‘retired’ in 2007.


During his 20-years’ service with business accreditation bodies, Mike Walsh vetted and assisted membership applications of over 1,000 businesses. Many business proprietors remarked that his analysis and advice was far superior to that of their bank or local authorities’ businesses course.

Drawing on his vast experience Michael Walsh later published his best-selling ‘business survival manual’, The Business Booster. He concedes that there are thousands of business advice books available.


“However, I was hands-on privileged to meet the heads of thousands of successful businesses. Some were sole traders whilst many were household name businesses. I learned a great deal from them. By making available The Business Booster I simply pass their advice to the coming generation of business builders.”

Unlike the authors of many ‘get rich quick’ book titles, Michael Walsh is no business theorist. He successfully created or managed a political movement, was a successful retailer, owned a printing and publishing business, and was Managing Director of Southern Comfit International, the international property syndicate for seven years.

During his period with trade bodies he became something of a legend for the quality of the advice he was able to give to businesses.  Many business owners concede that they owe their business success to his guidance.


On his retiring to Spain, Michael Walsh was engaged by the Euro Weekly News.  Europe’s largest newspaper group of its kind was keen to use his experience to benefit the business community.

The Business Matters survival manual is perfect for all business owners wherever they are in the world. The author says that any one of the several score advice stories is guaranteed to give a business the edge of its rivals.


“Read and absorb, apply the principles of The Business Booster and any business will survive and prosper in even the most hostile of competitive climates.  A unique hands-on guide to successfully and efficiently running a small business, The Business Booster by Michael Walsh is available on Amazon Books.


MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include THE BUSINESS BOOSTER and THE FIFTH COLUMN VOLUME I and II.

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