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Give or take a few recessions mild by what is about to hit, businesses have weathered well. Still, COVID-19 is a game-changer. Back to square one, the future for businesses is going to be hand-to-hand fighting with the weakest to the wall.

In a buoyant economy, complacency becomes widespread. We all know of tradesmen who, despite lacking business skills prospered. We all know of business amateurs who could get by, for instance running a restaurant without a single day’s lesson behind them.

Businesses that were clueless as to marketing, that was blithely dismissive of customer care, scornful of rivals, enterprises that had no idea of how to sell themselves.

Remember them as such inept business practices are about to become a thing of the past, says Michael Walsh.

Headhunted by the Guild of Master Craftsmen and later by the Federation of Master Builders, the small to medium (SME) business mentor assessed and tutored thousands of new and established businesses from 1987 ~ 2007. Both quality assurance business organisations represent the cream of the British business community.

Membership was granted only to those customer endorsed businesses and individuals who could demonstrate a constant commitment to quality workmanship and excellent customer service and relations. Only after careful vetting, in which satisfactory customer references were acquired and work record diligently analysed, was membership granted and each year reviewed.

Michael Walsh was a principal player in Guild of Master Craftsmen’s elite team of business experts delegated to follow-up membership enquiries. At the sharp end of the vetting procedure, there were times when businesses, both new and established, welcomed the advice of hand-picked business experts like Michael Walsh.

There was, of course, alternative business training opportunities available to small businesses. Very often these mentoring sessions and three-day business courses had previously been attended by Guild of Master Craftsmen applicants. Time after time it was confided in Michael Walsh that business owners learned more in two-hours off him than during any three-day government grant-aided course.

Many British businesses became successful after taking on board suggestions made by Michael Walsh. Upon retirement, Michael Walsh provided the Euro Weekly News with the newspaper’s Business Matters weekly column. These advice columns available to 550,000 readers were a great success. A selection of these columns is now published as THE BUSINESS BOOSTER.

Wherever in the world you live the application of good business practice is universal. You will find in THE BUSINESS BOOSTER an invaluable investment. THE BUSINESS BOOSTER will massively reduce your advertising bills, rein-in your overheads, increase your customer base, and add immeasurably to your profits. Share if you like this story.

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THE BUSINESS BOOSTER Michael Walsh: Recently updated and enhanced. This well-illustrated business survival manual includes 55 hot tip articles on how to increase your business, boost your profits whilst massively reducing your overheads. THE BUSINESS BOOSTER is the best business investment you will ever make.

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MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, broadcaster and the author of RISE OF THE SUN WEELEUROPE ARISE TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROESMEGACAUST,  DEATH OF A CITYWITNESS TO HISTORY, THE BUSINESS BOOSTERTHE FIFTH COLUMN VOLUME I and IIFOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAKIMMORTAL BELOVED,  INSPIRE A NATION Volume IINSPIRE A NATION Volume II , SLAUGHTER OF A DYNASTY ,  THE RED BRIGANDSRANSACKING THE REICH ,  and The Exiled Duke Romanov Who Turned Desert Into Paradise  and other book titles. These illustrated best-selling books are essential for the libraries of informed readers.



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Latest Michael Walsh bestsellers: Those who fall victim to the taxman, banks and moneylenders are victims of legalised mugging  DEBTOR’S REVENGE, The Business Booster shows you how to double your profits not your workload THE BUSINESS BOOSTER 

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