Roman Emperors Brought to Life

Europe Renaissance

New technology now allows us to reconstruct the faces of historical figures showing us a very close representation of their actual features.

During lockdown for Covid-19 Canadian cinematographer and virtual reality designerDaniel Voshartgot bored and began to recreate the faces of Roman Emperors using a new website called Artbreeder.

According to their website, Artbreeder.com, it was created by Joel Simon from Stochastic Labs in Berkeley, California and their website, stochasticlabs.org states ‘Stochastic Labs convenes the best creative minds in the SF bay area and beyond for conversations about the future of technology, science, entrepreneurship, and the arts’.

Caligula (Daniel Voshart)

Users submit images and they are combined and manipulated by AI Machine Learning. The images can be used as portraits, album covers, landscapes and pretty much anything that can be thought of. Their hair, skin complexion, hair colour, and glasses or pieces of jewellery can be manually added…

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