Europe Renaissance

Looking at the sculptures, covered with the thinnest marble veil, one ponders: How to sculpt the thinnest, transparent fabric from a block of solid stone? A truly divine gift of brilliant artists and sculptors allows you to convey in stone the tenderness and airiness of the lightest fabric, bends and folds while preserving every feature of the face and body. It is impossible to believe that this is the creation of human hands.

The first sculptures created using this technique appeared in the 17th century. They are made so delicately that some contemporaries cannot even believe that they were made by ordinary, albeit very talented, masters, with ordinary human hands. These are marble sculptures decorated with a veil. The viewer has a complete feeling that the statues are covered with the finest fabric.

The first sculptor who managed to create a marble veil was the Neapolitan master Antonio Corradini, born…

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