Ethnic-Cleansing that Halved the Population of Ireland

Europe Renaissance

It is estimated that deliberate starvation, slavery and the expulsion of the Irish, Scottish and English folk too led to a 50 percent loss of the population.Around 100,000 people fled Ireland for Canada in 1847 alone and around 20,000 of those either died during the voyage or during their time spent in quarantine stations.

Not unusually, the remains of three bodies were found washed up on a Canadian beach back in 2011. On the same beach in 2016, the remains of a further 18 bodies were discovered after an archaeological dig.

Canadian scientists have now confirmed that a study of the bones show that these are the remains of Irish famine victims who fled from English occupation across the Atlantic in the mid-1800s.

The initial remains were discovered in 2011 on a beach in Forillon National Park, Quebec. These sad losses were identified as two seven-year-old boys and an 11-year-old…

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