What could possibly go wrong

Europe Renaissance

The best-remembered gifts are those into which a lot of thought goes. Some presents are exceptional and affect our lives so profoundly we remember them forever. On the other hand, some surprises can be unusual, or even hazardous.

If whatever your timidity you accept the gift, then it might still become memorable, but in a very different way. This is what happened to a senior man in France, who was involuntarily involved in a test flight.

A 64-year-old manaccidentally ejected himself while flying in a Dassault Rafale jet at over 500km/h (320mph) at an altitude of 760 metres (2,500 feet).According to reports, the force of the fighter aircraft’s take-off made the man involuntarily stand.

French Air Force Rafale manufactured by France’s Dassault Aviation speeds above Le Bourget airport, north of Paris, during the 44th Paris Air Show, in France. (File)

In doing…

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