When Women Failed at Sea

Europe Renaissance

Consisting of patriotic young ladies following the outbreak of the Great War (1914 – 1918) the initiative was unlikely to provide real assistance to the country in distress. Nevertheless, 35 determined ladies had a different opinion. Dressed in sailor uniforms, they learned the charter, went into the navy’s ranks, followed orders and prepared to die for the Fatherland on the various fronts of the First World War.

Sailors Volunteer at drill training. Photo by Yakov Steinberg, 1917.

However, fate decreed otherwise: the first attempt of the fair sex to serve in the Russian Imperial Navy failed literally a month after the official creation of the Women’s Marine Team.

The history of organizing a naval formation made up of patriotic young ladies, began with a petition received by B.P. Dudorov, the first assistant to the country’s naval minister.

On July 1, 1917, a letter from the organizers of a certain…

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