Everyone has a book in them

Europe Renaissance

MICHAEL WALSH the award-winning author is also a highly regarded ghost-writer. Most writers engage a ghost (a professional writer) who will bring their books to retail standards. The ghost’s fees are recoverable through their book royalties. Eighty percent of celebrity memoirs and forty percent of conventional books are ghost-written.

Very often, family or friends cover the writer’s ghost-writer’s fees. Why not, especially if the book is family topic related or a biography? What better gift and incentive for mum or dad to get writing.

Michael says, ‘Writing is like playing music, painting, making models; brain therapy, it is also satisfying and fun. Your keyboard is your artist’s palette and the laptop’s screen the canvas.’

The author of 65 book titles adds, ‘Start where you wish. You will find the words flow. Writing your story becomes so addictive you won’t wish to stop.’

A ghost is a professional writer who adds flair…

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