The Last of the Leviathans

Europe Renaissance

It is generally recognised that the German Battleship Bismarck was one of the most formidable battleships ever built.There was simply nothing to match the Bismarck.Despite the passage of 75-years the remarkable warship and her sister ship Tirpitz still commands awe and respect.

There were only two battleships in their class in 1940. The Tirpitz and Bismarck at 49,500 tonnes, 815 feet in length and with a beam of 18 feet were the largest battleships made by any European shipyard. On board the Bismarck were 1,962 ratings and 103 Kriegsmarine officers. Crew members read the ship’s newspaper Die Schiffsglocke (The Ship’s Bell).

These two formidable leviathans must have appeared impressive to anyone viewing them. The Bismarck was named after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The Iron Chancellor during the 19thCentury had been pivotal in the push for German unification.

Due to the warships’ speed and unnerving armament, nothing then or…

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