A Sea Mystery to Match that of the Mary Celeste

Europe Renaissance

This enigmatic incident with sinister undertones took place either in June 1947 or in February 1948. It sounds paradoxical, but it is a fact. Even the time of the calamity’s occurrence is unknown, although the mysterious case is inextricably linked with the usual good order of the maritime world.

On any vessel there is a logbook, a watch-by-watch diary where all incidents are scrupulously recorded, indicating the number and time. The mariner’s equivalent to an airliner’s ‘red box’, the log is the most important chronicle carried on any vessel.

At the expiration of the year, the captain surrenders the ship’s log to the archive and is stored forever. However, the journal did not help in this situation, because the ship’s log was simply not found on the doomed ship. But consider everything in order.

On one of the approximate dates of the uncanny incident that occurred in the Strait of…

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