Child Learning Assisted by Verse

Europe Renaissance

Children under 6 years of age are as nature intends very good at memorising any information.It’s not news at all that the best and most pleasant way to develop children’s memory is poems and songs.

We develop memory from an early age. The very first and most important factor in the development of children’s memory is nothing more than a lullaby that the baby hears every day from mommy. 

Starting from 5 months, the baby’s memory is trained thanks to simple rhymes.Despite the fact that at this age the kid does not understand what the verse is about, he will still be fascinated to listen to the changing intonations, rhymes and rhythm of the verse.

In addition, reading poetry to a child has other positive aspects, for example, it provides close communication with the baby.Observing the movement of the mother’s lips, the little one himself will try to imitate…

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