Death and mystery of the Black Prince’s treasures

Europe Renaissance

On November 14, 1854, during a severe storm off the coast of Balaklava, the 2,700-tonne vessel, HMS Prince did not have time to take shelter. Helpless against the raging storms that frequent the Black Sea, the recently-built vessel was swept on to the rocks and soon afterwards sank beneath the waves.

Of the 150 people on board the distressed vessel, only six survived. Journalists at the time dubbed the ship ‘Black Prince’. This may have been on account of her hull’s dark colour or its tragic end.

The legendary British frigate Prince was transporting a cargo of warm clothing and salaries for thousands of British troops caught up in in the Crimean War. Treasure hunters have been trying for 150 years to find the ship’s legendary gold bullion, which was allegedly transported by a frigate. Yet, their searching appears to be futile. Only a few gold buttons and coins were…

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