A Treasure Trove but not enough to buy a Small Wooden Cross

Europe Renaissance

The story about the sinking of the Gairsoppa is ordinary, but the weight of the treasure it was carrying when sent to the bottom was one of the largest in the world.

The British merchant vessel Gairsoppa was launched in 1919 in Newcastle and was owned by the British India Steam Navigation Company.The length of the vessel was 125 m, width – 16 m. The vessel could move at a speed of 10.5 knots.

The merchant ship “Gairsoppa” in 1919

It was intended for commercial trade flights to the Far East, Australia, Africa and India.During World War II in 1940, the ship was requisitioned by the British War Department to transport military supplies.

On her last and fateful voyage, the ship departed in December 1940 from the Indian port of Calcutta.Onboard there were about 7 thousand tons of cargo, including cast iron, tea – and silver.

On January 31, 1941…

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Europe Renaissance

Over far more years than I can count on your fingers and toes and mine, I was compelled to save wise or endearing quotations as I chanced upon them. As it was long before home computers or self-publishing was an option, I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Like the stuff in the attic I just could not bring myself to discard them.

Reaching the age where my candle starts to splutter I decided that it was time for a reality check. Explaining to my other half that it was ‘time to empty the loft’, she suggested that I instead publish my collection of wise romantic, compellingly endearing and unforgettable quotes.

The quotes are, of course, inspiring. And so wisely or maybe not so wisely I hit on the volume’s title. Such was the genesis of Inspire a Nation. There is an earlier volume…

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The Best Salesman Ever

Europe Renaissance

Most people reject and many resentthe suggestion that they would make a salesperson. In truth, everyone is a salesman or woman and has been good at selling throughout their lives.

When as a small child, you resort to guile and persistence, blackmail and coercion to get your own way you were selling yourself. There was never a day in your life when you didn’t sell yourself, an idea or a suggestion.

When you got into a scrape you tried the ‘gift of the gab’ to get yourself out of it. When you fell in love you sold yourself to the person you hoped would respond. Whenever you applied for a job you worked hard at selling yourself.

Forget sales courses unless selling such sales courses are your line of business.  Sure, I picked up helpful tips from ‘how to be a great salesman’ books for which I am grateful. Hints…

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