A Treasure Trove but not enough to buy a Small Wooden Cross

Europe Renaissance

The story about the sinking of the Gairsoppa is ordinary, but the weight of the treasure it was carrying when sent to the bottom was one of the largest in the world.

The British merchant vessel Gairsoppa was launched in 1919 in Newcastle and was owned by the British India Steam Navigation Company.The length of the vessel was 125 m, width – 16 m. The vessel could move at a speed of 10.5 knots.

The merchant ship “Gairsoppa” in 1919

It was intended for commercial trade flights to the Far East, Australia, Africa and India.During World War II in 1940, the ship was requisitioned by the British War Department to transport military supplies.

On her last and fateful voyage, the ship departed in December 1940 from the Indian port of Calcutta.Onboard there were about 7 thousand tons of cargo, including cast iron, tea – and silver.

On January 31, 1941…

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