The Best Salesman Ever

Europe Renaissance

Most people reject and many resentthe suggestion that they would make a salesperson. In truth, everyone is a salesman or woman and has been good at selling throughout their lives.

When as a small child, you resort to guile and persistence, blackmail and coercion to get your own way you were selling yourself. There was never a day in your life when you didn’t sell yourself, an idea or a suggestion.

When you got into a scrape you tried the ‘gift of the gab’ to get yourself out of it. When you fell in love you sold yourself to the person you hoped would respond. Whenever you applied for a job you worked hard at selling yourself.

Forget sales courses unless selling such sales courses are your line of business.  Sure, I picked up helpful tips from ‘how to be a great salesman’ books for which I am grateful. Hints…

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