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An explosive book now published for the first time ever exposes the reality behind the West’s alliance with the Soviet Union to overthrow the Rhodesian and South African government. We asked the author why he had published this damning exposé.

There is still considerable confusion over the decolonisation of Africa. The term ‘Majority Rule’ was always an absurdity; this high-minded ideal does not exist anywhere, least of all in post-colonial Africa. British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s (1894 ~ 1986) Winds of Change speech simply meant the transfer of Europe’s African colonies to global finance management. It’s the same if you don’t keep up the payments on your mortgage.

Harold Macmillan
Prime Minister 1957 – 1963

Decolonisation of Africa was the Russian Revolution Mk II. The transfer of power was based on the same regime-changing strategy as that applied to Imperial Russia in 1917 ~ 1922. The 1960s hijacking of the…

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The riddle of one photo

Europe Renaissance

Allach porcelain collectors are aware of Heinrich Hoffmann’s photograph taken in Obersalzberg on April 20, 1944, in which Heinrich Himmler presents Allach figures to Adolf Hitler for his 55th birthday. This is one of the most “quoted” photographs when it comes to the Allach factory. And here’s the first question I want to ask: “How many figurines are on the table?”

It is also known that the Fuhrer was sceptical about Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler’s fascination with mysticism, archaeological excavations, the search for the ‘Indo-Germanic Nordic race’ and ancient Germanic roots in world culture. Hitler rejected all cult followings.

“It’s like looking for ghosts in your attic. What kind of culture can be found in a clay pot? ” – was asked by Adolf Hitler to the Reichsführer, perhaps, did not at all refer to the entire output of the Allach factory.

The official photographer’s photograph shows that the Fuhrer is…

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Europe Renaissance

THE THIRD REICH’Sarchitectural triumphs, Olympic events and trade exhibitions were extravagantly adorned by the most stunning sculptures. These splendours have since been destroyed and their records airbrushed out of the history books by the military victors of World War II much as Rome was sacked by the barbarians in 410 AD.

The staggering beauty and size of the statues, monuments, and war memorials created by Arno Breker, Fritz Klimsch, Josef Thorak, and Ernst Kunst among many others might be conveniently forgotten without this sumptuous illustrated record of the Reich Renaissance. Here is art that surpasses that of history’s great civilizations like Classical Greece and Rome.

Leafing through its 144 pages with nearly 300 superb photographs and images supported by captions and biographies, Sculptures of the Third Reich Volumes I and II will leave you breathless. You will surely ask yourself, ‘What on earth have we destroyed? Surely such artwork…

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Europe Renaissance

We often find humour even under the most dreadful circumstances; it is known as gallows humour. The never-ending recession has produced its own brand of wit. ‘With the market turmoil being what it is what’s the best way to make a small fortune? Start off with a large one’.

Iceland’s President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson issued arrest warrants on the bankers responsible for bringing the economy to its knees. This was the basis of the joke, ‘Record levels of unemployment have been announced. Those worst affected are the construction trades and Iceland’s bankers.’

The roll call of bankers who have taken their own lives since the beginning of their Ponzi scams has reached unprecedented levels. ‘What’s the definition of optimism? An investment banker who irons five shirts on a Sunday evening.’

In Britain there’s The Big Issue magazine; it is sold by unemployed homeless street sellers. This gave rise to the…

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Europe Renaissance

When businesses fail it is easy to blame the recession or Covid-19. In all but a few cases that argument doesn’t stack up. Failure is more often due to complacency and miserable management. Obliged by business appointments to occasionally visit a splendidly situated restaurant I disliked doing so as the service was excruciatingly bad. Is the owner under the illusion that a little Spanish sunshine is enough to compensate for bone idle offhand staff? Rival restaurants lacking such beautiful surroundings thrive. It is service, not the location that puts bums on seats.

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Having moved home I no longer shopped at a hardware store but needing an item I recalled how helpful the hardware store had been in the past. On this later occasion I hardly recognised it as the business was bigger and busier. As I complimented the owner I remarked on the evident success of…

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

Europe Renaissance

Inspired by the final words of the Reich’s former Minister of Information, I set out to make the prophecy of Dr Joseph Goebbels come true: “Do not be confused by the uproar that will now reign throughout the world. The lies will one day break down under their own weight and the truth will again triumph. The hour will come when we shall stand pure and undefiled as our aims and beliefs have always been.”

Twenty-five years in the makingWitness to Historyis the size of two large paperbacks. Heavily illustrated, this remarkable chronicle did the job it was intended to do.

Firstly, there was a need for a single book title that would effectively dismantle 85 years of Capitalist-Communist self-serving propaganda. Secondly, I thought it desirable to put together the 20th Century’s political jigsaw so the completed picture would make sense.


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