Europe Renaissance

THE THIRD REICH’Sarchitectural triumphs, Olympic events and trade exhibitions were extravagantly adorned by the most stunning sculptures. These splendours have since been destroyed and their records airbrushed out of the history books by the military victors of World War II much as Rome was sacked by the barbarians in 410 AD.

The staggering beauty and size of the statues, monuments, and war memorials created by Arno Breker, Fritz Klimsch, Josef Thorak, and Ernst Kunst among many others might be conveniently forgotten without this sumptuous illustrated record of the Reich Renaissance. Here is art that surpasses that of history’s great civilizations like Classical Greece and Rome.

Leafing through its 144 pages with nearly 300 superb photographs and images supported by captions and biographies, Sculptures of the Third Reich Volumes I and II will leave you breathless. You will surely ask yourself, ‘What on earth have we destroyed? Surely such artwork…

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