The riddle of one photo

Europe Renaissance

Allach porcelain collectors are aware of Heinrich Hoffmann’s photograph taken in Obersalzberg on April 20, 1944, in which Heinrich Himmler presents Allach figures to Adolf Hitler for his 55th birthday. This is one of the most “quoted” photographs when it comes to the Allach factory. And here’s the first question I want to ask: “How many figurines are on the table?”

It is also known that the Fuhrer was sceptical about Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler’s fascination with mysticism, archaeological excavations, the search for the ‘Indo-Germanic Nordic race’ and ancient Germanic roots in world culture. Hitler rejected all cult followings.

“It’s like looking for ghosts in your attic. What kind of culture can be found in a clay pot? ” – was asked by Adolf Hitler to the Reichsführer, perhaps, did not at all refer to the entire output of the Allach factory.

The official photographer’s photograph shows that the Fuhrer is…

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