Poles take the knee only to God says Polish Ambassador

Europe Renaissance

Poland’s ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przyłębski, has spoken out against players of the Polish national team kneeling before the start of the match in support of the much-derided and deeply controversial anti-White movement.

‘For me, it goes without saying that the Polish national team will not kneel before the matches during the European Football Championship,’ said Przyłębski toJunge Freiheit.

‘A real Pole kneels only before God, and possibly before the woman he proposes to. Footballers of colour are now among the football elite, they are wealthy, and they are valued and admired. So why should one kneel before them?’ questions the ambassador.

‘I find it inappropriate to make amends with the colonialism of the past epoch by bowing to people who had nothing to do with it and who were born in England or France, for example,’ explained Przyłębski.

‘Poland never had colonies, so it did not participate…

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1 thought on “Poles take the knee only to God says Polish Ambassador”

  1. It is truly unfortunate that there isn’t a politician in Canada as wise as the Polish ambassador. Every party is a politically correct remake of what they once were. It’s all rather depressing!

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