Cowboy lassoes would-be bike thief in Walmart parking lot

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In a Walmart parking lot in Eagle Point, Oregon, 28-year-old cowboy Robert Borba stopped a would-be bike thief armed with little more than a lasso. Steve Hartman went “On The Road” to meet the the man who roped in a perpetrator.

Robert Borba is being called a hero after chasing down an alleged bicycle thief with his horse Long John, and nabbing him with a lasso in a Wal-Mart parking lot, Friday, June 10, 2016, in Eagle Point, Ore. Borba was at the Eagle Point store loading dog food and a camping tent into his truck when he heard a woman screaming that someone was trying to steal her bike, the Medford Mail Tribune reports. Eagle Point police Sgt. Darin May said officers arrived and found the lassoed man and bike on the ground in the parking lot. (Denise Baratta/The Medford Mail Tribune via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

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The couple wanted to take a cute photo with horses, but it turned out hysterical

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Recently, preggers Amanda Eckstein and Phillip Werner  from the USA organised a photo session in honour of their imminent addition to the family. They brought several of their horses so that the animals stood beautifully in the background. However, the horse named Bakshot was clearly not pleased about playing second fiddle in the orchestration.

After the first few photographs were taken, the horse left the background and stood right next to the owners. Moreover, he reacted to the photographer’s joke: “Well, you at least smile for a photo! Say cheese!” Buckshot really did it!

According to the photographer, it was so unexpected that none of the participants in the shooting could restrain their laughter. However, it was even funnier to look at the resulting frames later.

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A Soldier’s Soldier Gets Results

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Rhodesian-born Lieutenant-Colonel Ron Reid Daly joined the army in 1951 when he volunteered to fight, with C (Rhodesia)Squadron of the British SAS, against communist rebels in Malaya.

The colourful commanderserved with the all-RhodesianCSquadron22of theSpecial Air Serviceincounter-insurgency operationsin theFederation of Malaya. He became aMember of the Order of the British Empirein 1963.

Reid-Daly rose to the rank ofregimental sergeant majorin theRhodesian Light Infantry, and was later commissioned and achieved the rank of captain. The soldier’s soldier who formed the famed Selous Scouts worked his way up throughthe ranks and became a Regimental Sergeant-Major.

In 1973, as a captain, Reid-Daly was persuaded by General Walls, the chief of the Rhodesian Army, to forman elite Special Forces unit that was urgently needed to combat the growing threat posed by nationalist guerrillas. From this meeting theSelous Scouts, an elite Special Forces unit to combat the growing threat posed by communist guerrillas was…

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This is not the Alain Delon that I imagined

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The great French artistes, actors, chanteuses like Mireille Matthieu, the iconic Brigitte Bardot, and international actors and heartthrob put at risk their careers by openly promoting their patriotic anti-migrant stance. Alain Delon has always supported Le Pen’s National Front especially when it was created by Marine le Pen’s war hero father.

On the other hand, mainstream editors and broadcasters are notorious for their collaboration with the state and its globalists doctrines.

Left-leaningVladimir Vladimirovich Pozner is a French-born Russian-American journalist and presenter.

‘I’ve never loved Alain Delon although I didn’t know him, I had never met him. But I had no doubt that he was an arrogant and narcissistic person. (Never met him? What kind of journalism is it that prejudged people in a profession that is supposed to be objective?)

‘Yes, and as an actor, I did not particularly appreciate him, except for his roles in the films of…

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Celebrate Summer Solstice across Europe: fairies, magic and bonfires

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The summer solstice, known also as midsummer, will be celebrated on 20 June. It marks both the longest day and the shortest night of the year and is technically the official start of summer. It’s also one of Europe’s most celebrated and magical evenings, associated with St. John the Baptist but also with Pagan rituals.

Ivan Kupala Day (Saint John or Saint James) in Serebryany bor Belgorod, Russia, 2017

We are blessed at this time with early dawns, long days, late sunsets…But how different cultures celebrate this beautiful moment? Magic Roots made a little tour of Europe to see what are the beautiful traditions related to this important moment.

Fertility rituals, bonfires, flowers, fairies, unicorns, and boat races… these are just a few examples of symbols used in these times across the world. Isn’t this just magical?!

Belgium: Le Grand feu de Bouge, Namur

A tradition held all across Wallonia…

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How a piece of Tsarist Russia appeared in Jerusalem in Palestine

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Since its establishment in 1860, the Russian Compound in Jerusalem has undergone many makeovers and ownership changes. Just a week before Nikita Khrushchev’s reign at the helm of affairs of the Soviet Union came to an end in 1964, he approved a decision to sell a 17-acre property in central Jerusalem that was owned by the Moscow Patriarchate for $3.5 million-worth of Jaffa oranges.

All that remained in Russian hands after the sale in the so-called Russian Compound was the Church of Holy Trinity, a landmark of Jerusalem, with its green domes and four octagonal bell towers, and another building.  The sale, which was made in oranges because Palestine at that time lacked hard currency, is still considered controversial, as Russia lost a prime piece of real estate in what is the Holy Land for practitioners of three of the country’s major faiths.  

The Russian Compound of Jerusalem
Legion Media

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