Celebrate Summer Solstice across Europe: fairies, magic and bonfires

Europe Renaissance

The summer solstice, known also as midsummer, will be celebrated on 20 June. It marks both the longest day and the shortest night of the year and is technically the official start of summer. It’s also one of Europe’s most celebrated and magical evenings, associated with St. John the Baptist but also with Pagan rituals.

Ivan Kupala Day (Saint John or Saint James) in Serebryany bor Belgorod, Russia, 2017

We are blessed at this time with early dawns, long days, late sunsets…But how different cultures celebrate this beautiful moment? Magic Roots made a little tour of Europe to see what are the beautiful traditions related to this important moment.

Fertility rituals, bonfires, flowers, fairies, unicorns, and boat races… these are just a few examples of symbols used in these times across the world. Isn’t this just magical?!

Belgium: Le Grand feu de Bouge, Namur

A tradition held all across Wallonia…

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