A Soldier’s Soldier Gets Results

Europe Renaissance

Rhodesian-born Lieutenant-Colonel Ron Reid Daly joined the army in 1951 when he volunteered to fight, with C (Rhodesia)Squadron of the British SAS, against communist rebels in Malaya.

The colourful commanderserved with the all-RhodesianCSquadron22of theSpecial Air Serviceincounter-insurgency operationsin theFederation of Malaya. He became aMember of the Order of the British Empirein 1963.

Reid-Daly rose to the rank ofregimental sergeant majorin theRhodesian Light Infantry, and was later commissioned and achieved the rank of captain. The soldier’s soldier who formed the famed Selous Scouts worked his way up throughthe ranks and became a Regimental Sergeant-Major.

In 1973, as a captain, Reid-Daly was persuaded by General Walls, the chief of the Rhodesian Army, to forman elite Special Forces unit that was urgently needed to combat the growing threat posed by nationalist guerrillas. From this meeting theSelous Scouts, an elite Special Forces unit to combat the growing threat posed by communist guerrillas was…

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