A military chaplain rescues a child sold for his organs.

Europe Renaissance

The story of Father Ignacio María Doñoro de los Río is worthy of the greatest James Bond.The 57-year-old former military chaplain has been nominated to receive thePrincess of Asturias Prizein the Concord category.This is to reward his work for 25 years with young victims of extreme poverty and against human trafficking.

Endowed with great courage, he stood out in the 1990s during a special mission to El Salvador with the Spanish National Police Force.It was at this time that he saved from certain death a child ready to be sold for his organs.

This story begins in a family of five children.Among them, Manuel, 14 years old who suffers from paralysis.His parents, very poor, decide to sell him to make some money and feed their four other daughters.

They only ask for $25.Quickly, many buyers show up.But not just any.They are criminals with a clear objective: to kill…

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