A reminder that the real monsters of World War II were the Allies

Europe Renaissance

The 60th anniversary of apportioning of overrun Germany was followed by the sickening division of what was once Europe’s greatest city by the West and the Soviet Union. Mainstream media having earlier praised to the heavens the Stalinist Soviet Union pirouetted. The media – for a naïve public, appeared hostile to their former allies to whom they had handed 21 European nations to as recently as 1945.

Barbed wire barriers at the Brandenburg Gate were replaced by the Berlin Wall in 1961

How ironic when the same swallow anything British and the citizens of the West had been told the war was all about protecting Poland’s independence. Poland too was handed over to the Soviet Red Army in 1945. Until August 13, 1961the people of the Divided City of Berlin were still able to move around freely in the city. That is, until August 13, 1961.

Brandenburg Gate Closed…

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