Allied War Crimes that defy imagination and avoid publicity

Europe Renaissance

An exhibition has opened in Berlin dedicated to the 14 million ethnic-German expellees who were expelled by the triumphant Soviet, British and American allies from their former German homelands at the end of World War II.

After the British and American forces gifted huge swathes of German territory to the Soviet Union from 1944, 14 million ethnic Germans were driven out of their homelands of 1,000 years by the marauding UK/US sponsored Red Army.

The subject of Allied mass murder amounting to multiple genocides has long been a taboo topic. The tragedy of the Expulsion of Ethnic Germans is largely ignored and unknown in the Russian Federation and their Capitalist West cohorts.

Washington-approved Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the Centre for Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation on June 21th. It is an exhibition that takes pains to put the experiences of Germany’s 14million World War II displaced expellees, and of the experiences ofrefugees…

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