French, Greeks and Norwegians but what other allies did Britain betray?

Europe Renaissance

There is one good saying that perfectly characterises the attitude of Britain towards its allies:‘Britain has no permanent enemies and permanent friends, it has only constant interests.’

In history, Britain’s ruling elite, instead of open confrontation, always chose the path of intrigue and political manipulation. Take just the period of the 20th century. At this time, there were already two World Wars where England did not behave ‘like a gentleman’ with her allies.

World War I

In World War I, a sorely provoked Germany attacked France through Belgium. It was pointless to attack France head-on because of the powerful system of fortifications. By the way, the Germans repeated this trick during World War II.

After the strike in Belgium,England declared war on Germany.However, instead of a full-scale operation, England landed a small army of5 divisions, which, after the very first German attacks, began to think about an offensive.

The English General John French realised that the French were not the best…

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