Hungary awarded first price in short Documentary „Genozid in Engerau“ („Népirtás Pozsonyligetfalun“)

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Hungary awarded first price in short Documentary FW: Auch im Namen der Eltern, Dank an Ungarn für den Film „Genozid in Engerau“ („Népirtás Pozsonyligetfalun“).

It is extremely important that suppressed Atrocities committed by the “Allies” are being exposed to the world.

The documentary “Genozid in Engerau” was directed by Dávid Géczy and Zoltán Udvardy and produced by Fruzsina Skrabski.The film deals with the camp system in Engerau, a suburb of Pressburg south of the Danube (Hungarian. Pozsonyligetfalu, today Slovak. Petrzalka), where thousands of Hungarians and Germans who lived in and around Pressburg were deported in the last weeks of the Second World War.

In the internment and concentration camp, which was in operation from 1945 to 1947, lived almost exclusively Hungarian and German civilians and their families.The documentary reveals the story of the almost 100 Hungarian prisoners who were executed in this camp.In the film you can hear, among other…

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