In Africa to fight for the Western ideology of freedom

Europe Renaissance

Siegfried Müller was a highly decorated soldier with Germany’s Wehrmacht during World War II who made a name for himself as a mercenary in Africa during the 1960s. Born in 1920, the teenager joined the Wehrmacht in 1939 and barely out of his teens he fought during the entire war, participating in campaigns in Poland, the Eastern Front and France.

A wounded Müller was captured by American forces and served as a forced labourer (the Allies called slave labourers ‘conscript labourers’) in the Army’s Civilian Labor Group (CLG) until 1947. Denied opportunity to join the Allied vetted post-war West German Army, Siegfried Müller travelled to north Africa in the 1950s. There he worked for the British oil company B.P. clearing mines in the Sahara Desert from World War II.

After emigrating to South Africa in 1962, he became a mercenary in the Congo, fighting with ‘Mad’Mike Hoare‘s mercenary…

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