Inspire a Nation the Gift that keeps Giving

Europe Renaissance

Did you ever pause when reading a passage or a quote that jolted your senses when you were reading whatever book was in your lap? The veteran writer Michael Walsh over the years occasionally did so. Unable or unwilling to let an inspiring passage slip like moon dust through his fingers he assiduously kept those sayings he thought of special merit.

These, he thought, will one day fill the pots of gold found at the end of most people’s rainbows. The talented writer’s adagio of adages and truisms over many years were meticulously stored for posterity.

The award-winning writer often proven to be a prophet had no clear idea of what he might do with his growing collection of sayings coined by history’s greatest thinkers.

Into the Aladdin’s Cave went the most remarkable but unforgettable thoughts of Europe’s great composers, writers and philosophers. The period being irrelevant his collection of…

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