The Stigma Enigma a Fusillade of City Mayhem

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‘You had the motive.’

Jack Scarlett appeared not to have heard the question as he gazed at a blank spot on the wall of the police station’s interrogation room.


‘I wasn’t sure if it was a statement or a question,’ the suspect replied in a monotone voice.

Proficient in body language, the questioning cop displayed impeccable timing. It was a gift he had inherited from Sting Ferguson. His since retired mentor had once earned considerable respect for his success rate in bringing the city’s felons to justice.

Coolly weighing the suspected serial killer up, Detective Chief Inspector Eric Jansen analysed each blink of the cold-blooded killer’s eyelids. At one point he thought he detected a nervous tic in the otherwise impassive stillness of his Scarlett’s features.

Increasingly aware that this was not going to be an easy case to crack the senior cop had little choice but to persevere…

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Europe Renaissance

Sadly, few boys these days have meaningful relationships with male mentors and father figures, men who can teach and inspire them. Some boys grow up without having been taught by a male teacher or are taught by teachers who have no life or work experience outside of a classroom.

LEFT: Michael Walsh and his older brother pictured with their father Patrick Roe McLaughlin. By the time he had reached his 40th birthday, Patrick had fought frontline in the Irish War Against the Black and Tans, in the Irish War of Independence, Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and as a flight engineer 1st Class he flew Spitfires and Hurricanes – but not in battle.

Many young males go through education taught only by female schoolteachers as alpha-males have abandoned that career. The boys in many a modern British home may have several ‘fathers’ over time. How times have changed.

As a youngster…

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Allied War Crimes that defy imagination and avoid publicity

Europe Renaissance

An exhibition has opened in Berlin dedicated to the 14 million ethnic-German expellees who were expelled by the triumphant Soviet, British and American allies from their former German homelands at the end of World War II.

After the British and American forces gifted huge swathes of German territory to the Soviet Union from 1944, 14 million ethnic Germans were driven out of their homelands of 1,000 years by the marauding UK/US sponsored Red Army.

The subject of Allied mass murder amounting to multiple genocides has long been a taboo topic. The tragedy of the Expulsion of Ethnic Germans is largely ignored and unknown in the Russian Federation and their Capitalist West cohorts.

Washington-approved Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the Centre for Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation on June 21th. It is an exhibition that takes pains to put the experiences of Germany’s 14million World War II displaced expellees, and of the experiences ofrefugees…

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A reminder that the real monsters of World War II were the Allies

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The 60th anniversary of apportioning of overrun Germany was followed by the sickening division of what was once Europe’s greatest city by the West and the Soviet Union. Mainstream media having earlier praised to the heavens the Stalinist Soviet Union pirouetted. The media – for a naïve public, appeared hostile to their former allies to whom they had handed 21 European nations to as recently as 1945.

Barbed wire barriers at the Brandenburg Gate were replaced by the Berlin Wall in 1961

How ironic when the same swallow anything British and the citizens of the West had been told the war was all about protecting Poland’s independence. Poland too was handed over to the Soviet Red Army in 1945. Until August 13, 1961the people of the Divided City of Berlin were still able to move around freely in the city. That is, until August 13, 1961.

Brandenburg Gate Closed…

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Hungary awarded first price in short Documentary „Genozid in Engerau“ („Népirtás Pozsonyligetfalun“)

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Hungary awarded first price in short Documentary FW: Auch im Namen der Eltern, Dank an Ungarn für den Film „Genozid in Engerau“ („Népirtás Pozsonyligetfalun“).

It is extremely important that suppressed Atrocities committed by the “Allies” are being exposed to the world.

The documentary “Genozid in Engerau” was directed by Dávid Géczy and Zoltán Udvardy and produced by Fruzsina Skrabski.The film deals with the camp system in Engerau, a suburb of Pressburg south of the Danube (Hungarian. Pozsonyligetfalu, today Slovak. Petrzalka), where thousands of Hungarians and Germans who lived in and around Pressburg were deported in the last weeks of the Second World War.

In the internment and concentration camp, which was in operation from 1945 to 1947, lived almost exclusively Hungarian and German civilians and their families.The documentary reveals the story of the almost 100 Hungarian prisoners who were executed in this camp.In the film you can hear, among other…

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A fascinating Interview with German Survivors of Allied Atrocities

Europe Renaissance

The League of Extraordinary Revisionists Presents The German Story The German Way, a fascinating Interview and discussion with German Survivors of Allied Atrocities Rosemarie and Karin in Canada, in July 2016, by Diane King.

The Story of Rosemarie (German Survivor)

The Interview by Diane King with French Subtitles done by didi 18.

Rosemarie, Her Mother and Sister Ingeburg in 1943 in Oberlungwitz

Rosemarie and Her Father in 1943 in Oberlungwitz

The real Holocaust was suffered by the German People then and now. After the war’s end, the sinister GERMANY MUST PERISH dogma was savagely unleashed on the defeated former foe. It is estimated that 14 million Germans perished after the war’s end as a deliberate population control policy. No on, to my knowledge, has ever claimed this figure to be an exaggeration. The scars the Allied Atrocities left behind will never heal. We still have to endure…

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