Debtor’s Revenge: Fight-Back Guide for Victims of Loan Sharks

Debtor's Revenge Meme 1

DEBTOR’S REVENGE Michael Walsh. Those who fall victim to the taxman, banks and moneylenders are victims of a government sponsored mugging. Due to circumstances beyond his control or responsibility the author suffered financial collapse and has now put his experiences to good use. DEBTOR’S REVENGE teaches you how to turn the tables on your tormentors and rise triumphant from the ashes of despair.  Essential Fight-Back Guide for victims of usury, threatening letters, intimidation, bailiffs and bankruptcy.

THE BUSINESS BOOSTER. Michael Walsh.  Marketing and business tactics to make your business profitable. 

Business Booster 1

THE BUSINESS BOOSTER Michael Walsh Of the thousands of business books why should The Business Booster be exceptional? The author was a top business assessment and recruitment executive for the Guild of Master Craftsmen for twenty years. The expert identified, assessed, recruited and mentored the best of Britain’s building and allied tradesmen for the Federation of Master Builders.

Much of the information and advice was based on advice of the most successful small business owners. The Business Booster is a unique hands-on guide to successfully and efficiently running a small business. 

Dear Michael, Keep up please those fantastic articles I have no idea how these fascinating stories you bring about. It is incredible how characters come alive in your writing as you read about them and the information is so real.  They are so interesting.’ ~ Carol Levey, Editor, Out and About Magazine, Spain. (08.02.2021)

THE FIFTH COLUMN Volume I. Michael Walsh. Chronicle of media stories that earned Michael Walsh the coveted Writer of the Year award.

Fifth Column Vol 1

MICHAEL WALSH IS A REFRESHINGLY FREE-THINKING WRITER A professional writer since 1975, Michael Walsh provides international media with thought-provoking articles.  His hundreds of stimulating and inspiring articles cover human, global, history and political issues.

Those easily offended should perhaps break free from the world of cloistered conventional journalism, refresh their approach by challenging what was previously thought sacrosanct. Only by doing so can we rise to the challenges of change to a brave new world. We either shape it or we become funeral spectators.

THE FIFTH COLUMN is a carefully selected collection of some of his most interesting half-page columns published in Euro Weekly News. Michael rises to the challenge of writing on broad matters of interest. An often read the comment: ‘You would not see that printed in a British newspaper. NOTE: The Euro Weekly News eventually opted for political correctness and dismissed Michael Walsh as their lead columnist. Euro Weekly News circulation has since plummeted. 

THE FIFTH COLUMN Volume II.  Michael Walsh. Chronicle of media stories that enriched the lives of 550,000 media readers each week.

Fifth Column Meme Volume II

INSPIRE A NATION Volume I. Michael Walsh. Hundreds of beautifully illustrated wisdom, witty political and lifestyle quotes. Perfect for your coffee table or bedside, a beautiful gift that will delight and inspire.

INSPIRE A NATION Volume II. Michael Walsh. Hundreds of imaginatively illustrated romantic quotes, poems and stories.

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