MICHAEL WALSH novels enjoy an international readership. His unique style of bringing the reader into the story has earned him the sobriquet the ‘people’s pen’. In each of his novels, you will find yourself. The editorial board of the Euro Weekly Group of Newspapers unanimously conferred Michael Walsh the ‘Writer of the Year’ award.

With so many novels to choose from why should you select a Michael Walsh novel for your reading pleasure? Michael dares to be different. His novels are challenging, his storylines crash through conventional barriers and they break taboos. You will finish each book and wonder, ‘what if it happened to me?  It could.

THE AMOROUS GHOST AND ENCOUNTERS Michael Walsh. A novel but not a work of fiction. Drawing on his real-life and location experiences this romantic-supernatural biography will ravish the reader. A page-turning terrifying white knuckle ride because these are his real-life apparitional experiences.

THE DOVETAILS Michael Walsh. A captivating story that reveals the secrets behind the amicable living arrangements between two ladies and their shared male lover known as ménage a trois. Did you know that ménage a trois are far more common than we think, most are initiated not by men but by women, they’re a better more structured lifestyle and tend to last longer than conventional two-person relationships.

The small and homely Dovetails Hotel is owned by beguiling divorcees, Leonora and Felicity. After Felicity meets Gareth during a tour of Europe the engaging Jack o’ all Maids is employed by the lady partners as a resident repairman. Their eyebrow-raising interludes are escorted by risqué humour, girl-talk, dilemmas, compromises, adult romance, shared pleasures and challenges accompanied by thought-provoking achievements. 

SEX FEST AT TIFFANY’S Michael Walsh  Tiffany is the gorgeous widow of the owner of a small bordello in Spain which upon her husband’s death she renames Sex Fest at Tiffany’s to set her cathouse apart from her trade rivals.

The sequel to The Dovetails also by Michael Walsh, this is the ultimate heart-warming light-hearted adult romance based on real-life in locations and a Spanish Riviera lifestyle that most readers will readily identify with.

Gareth, Leonora and Felicity celebrate their shared relationship, a profitable sale of their hotel and Gareth’s success as a novelist with a holiday of a lifetime. During their break, the sparkling Tiffany becomes acquainted with the holidaying trio. With her friends’ assistance, Tiffany disposes of her unwanted inheritance.

Tiffany’s friends later set up home on the Costa Del Sol. There, Tiffany will join them to help start a girl’s only emporium of gyms, wellness centres, perfumeries, fashion outlets and suchlike. This engaging romance sparkles with wise-cracking wit and page-marking romps to follow a captivating series of romantic adventures and lifestyle events to the story’s happy ending that leaves the reader reaching for their Kleenex. 

THE SOULS MEET Michael Walsh. Paranormal romance to open your mind and to challenge your beliefs in the supernatural whilst daring to venture into taboo romance. Enjoy THE SOULS MEET with an open mind and readiness to reconsider the morality of certain romantic relationships.

‘Enjoy this heart-warming romance until you reach the last revealing chapter and read the message on the tombstone. You will likely place your book down and ask, what if this happened to me. The Souls Meet is a wonderful book that may well prove to be a revolution in English-Irish literature.’ ~ Carol J. Liverpool. 

‘An interesting storyline about a developing relationship with undertones of the paranormal. I can`t say too much without giving away the unexpected ending.’ J. Carson.

A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOL by Michael Walsh. City- vigilante described as more gripping than the 1972 Brian Garfield novel Death Wish. Excellent reader reviews include ‘Excellent thriller written in the tense style of a John Le Carre novel.’ and ‘A very exciting and heart-warming story about an ex-mercenary looking for his lost daughter who was being forced into prostitution.

THE STIGMA ENIGMA Michael Walsh.  By accident, former mercenary Jack Scarlett finds himself caught up in a ‘no prisoners taken’ turf war. Double-crossed in love and trust in the predator’s cross-hairs will be the most sinister figures in Liverpool’s underworld. Determined to stop Jack Scarlett’s high-octane feud is Detective Chief Inspector Eric Jansen. The killer question is, can Detective Chief Inspector Eric Jansen stop Jack Scarlett, and does he really want to?

‘An interesting story about an ex-mercenary turned arms dealer who is in Liverpool when two people who knew him disappear. The police and some crooks suspect him. It is well thought out with a great plot and hard to put down.’ ~ Verified UK purchaser.