Seafaring Sagas

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MICHAEL WALSH left his Liverpool home as a 16-year old. After passing out at the National Sea Training School Sharpness, near Bristol he signed The Articles in early 1959.

The author Michael Walsh on the foredeck of the RMS Britannic

The seafarer’s first vessel (1959) was the RMS Britannic, the last of the White Star Company’s legendary liners. Whilst serving on the Britannic he earned his Steering Ticket, Fire Fighting and Lifeboat Handling ticket but providentially never met an iceberg.

Michael went on to serve in nearly a score of British Merchant Navy ships from freighters, to coasters (rock dodgers), oil tankers and ocean liners during which time he visited and worked in over 60 countries. The Able-Bodied (AB) seaman eventually left his career. However, his career never left him as can be gathered from his popular seafaring novels and books.

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Volume I Michael Walsh discovers a wealth of heart-breaking sea tragedies, marine mysteries, heroism by ships crews and passengers, and inevitably follies too. From cover to cover these amazing but true stories unknown to most Westerners provide the reader with a colourful cornucopia of maritime incidents, enigmas and colourful characters. 

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Vol II Michael Walsh The success of Volume I of the Sagas series inspired insatiable demand for Volume II. If your taste is in sea battles and heroic endeavour, submarine warfare, tragedy, folly and daring, you will find Untold Sagas of the Sea Volume II a gripping chronicle of more great stories we have dredged up from the Immortal Seas. 

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Vol III Michael Walsh. The success of Volume I and II of the sea saga series stirred interest in reliving (and dying) the most heart-breaking and often avoidable sea tragedies of all time.  As your destination might not be as you intend this is not a book to be read before catching a ferry.

UNTOLD SAGAS OF THE SEA Vol IV Ex-Seaman Michael Walsh keeping the dramas of ships and crews alive. Truth is stranger than fiction as is revealed in nearly 40 amazing seafaring stories we raised from the seabed. A glance at the chapter list will raise your eyebrows and provide you with a lifetime’s conversational pieces.

FREE DOWNLOAD ~ THE LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL ex-seaman Michael Walsh. A first-hand account of the British ships, seafarers, adventures and humorous misadventures of a seaman’s life in the British Merchant Navy 1955 – 1975. READ FREE saves you from paying the book’s cover price. Michael will send you his bank-to-bank details if you wish to voluntarily transfer or ZELLE a donation to cover his costs.

BRITANNIC WAIVES THE RULES Michael Walsh. The last of the White Star Liners (1845-1960) serving the cross Atlantic passenger phenomena. Michael Walsh, the superliner’s last deck boy clearly recalls the liner’s most exciting events and interesting crew members, the roustabouts in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, near tragedies, the fist-fights and the glamour. Full illustrated unique volume not to be missed.

ALL I ASK IS A TALL SHIP. Michael Walsh. A Liverpool Sailor’s Odyssey. This is a wonderful book to buy – for a friend or for yourself. I was enraptured by the first few poems – Michael Walsh has the gift of pulling you right into his world with his words. He has a great “turn of phrase” and a super sense of humour. There is everything here – love, passion, sadness, history, thrills, scares, philosophy – everything you could ask for and some great photographs too. His reminiscences add to the beauty of this book. If you only ever buy one poetry book, I can recommend this one without hesitation. I intend buying more of his work. As a poet myself, I really appreciate his style, rhythm, humour, and wistfulness with words. My congratulations! ~ Book Reviewer.

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