THE AMOROUS GHOST AND ENCOUNTERS Michael Walsh. A paranormal erotic novel but not a work of fiction. Drawing on his real-life and location experiences this romantic-supernatural biography will ravish the reader. The Liverpool and Dartmoor manors are genuine. The author lived in both. Every image is authentic. Each experience is based on supernatural incidents that happened as described. The Amorous Ghost and Encounters will make you think again about the realities and wonders of the paranormal that exist and is unchangeable. These are the author’s real-life apparitional experiences. 

THE SOULS MEET Michael Walsh. Paranormal intriguing romance that will open your mind and to challenge your beliefs in the supernatural whilst daring to venture into taboo romance. Enjoy THE SOULS MEET with an open mind and readiness to reconsider the morality of certain romantic relationships.

This engaging novel will leave you thinking, is this possible and what if it happened to me? How would me and my partner respond? When you reach the last revealing chapter the message on the tombstone will shock you.

‘Enjoy this heart-warming romance until you reach the last revealing chapter and read the message on the tombstone. You will likely place your book down and ask, what if this happened to me. The Souls Meet is a wonderful book that may well prove to be a revolution in English-Irish literature.’ ~ Carol J. Liverpool. 

‘An interesting story line about a developing relationship with undertones of the paranormal. I can`t say too much without giving away the unexpected ending.’ ~ J. Carson.

VOICES FROM THE OTHER SIDE Michael Walsh the extraordinary thinking man’s writer and prophet chooses his most thought-provoking insights into spiritual romance, afterlife and mysticism, and spirituality. Here is an inspiring collection of transcendental poetry, verse and lyrics richly in harmony with otherworldly images to draw you into thoughtful reveries. Perfect for the coffee table or your bedside table.

WHISPERING HOPE Dreamy illustrated poetry collections of Michael Walsh. “After your poem, it was breath-taking but also I had tears, I felt fever.  You touched so deep my heart till my soul.  It was so beautiful. I can’t find again right words but I can say big thank you that you saw me in this poem, and yes, I saw myself there. Your poems are divine. ~  Ina Čaklā, Latvia.

INSPIRE A NATION Volume I. Michael Walsh. The gift that keeps on giving. How better to describe a cornucopia of the most divine sayings and maxims penned by the greatest minds over two millennia. Prepared to be inspired. You are sure to be intoxicated, to become heady at the thought-provoking truisms all accompanied by a blissful harmony of images.

Inspire a Nation II is a collection of hundreds of beautifully illustrated wisdom, witty, political, romantic and lifestyle quotes. Perfect for your coffee table or bedside, a beautiful gift that will delight and inspire. 

INSPIRE A NATION Volume II. Michael WalshInspire a Nation II, a compilation of almost 500 breath-taking illustrated quotes collected over decades by Michael Walsh are here to be savoured. The book really should come with a little advice. Never allow your copy of Inspire a Nation Volume II be taken prisoner by a so-called friend. Otherwise, you will likely never again see your copy of Inspire a Nation II.

The collection’s author promises you that Inspire a Nation II purchased as a gift for those you most treasure will ensure your gift will outlive both giver and receiver. Hundreds of imaginatively illustrated wisdom, Christian, romantic quotes, poems and stories. 

FORTY SHADES OF VERSE (Irish theme) by award-winning Irish writer Michael Walsh. Soak you in the fragrances of 41 of this remarkable poet’s most sumptuous Celtic, and a thought-provoking collection of the mystic fables and mysteries of an ancient island steeped in antiquity and an Aladdin’s Cave of mystic stories that defy explanation. Lyrics all lavishly illustrated to bring extra bedside table or coffee table delights. This delightful book too will be picked up constantly by you and friends fortunate to have received Forty Shades of Verse as a gift.