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Everyone has a book inside them and sadly this is where it usually stays. But as Richard Bach says, ‘a professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’

Is writing a book such a big challenge? Not if you consider that by way of letters and emails most people have already written enough to complete several paperbacks.

There’s a formula for success. Using the advice given or learned I added my name to over 70 book titles and I have ghosted as many more. Remember, your typing finger is simply a spare tongue so let your finger do the talking.

Most wannabe authors are deterred by their inability to write to retail standards. But poor writing never discouraged successful authors like Jeffrey Archer or Stephen King. Their storyline inspirations are simply handed to a ghostwriter who writes their book.

Most books are brought to publishing standards by a ghost-writer rather than the person named on the book’s cover. Many well-known authors lend their names to the works of lesser-known authors. These include Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and Clive Cussler.

Clancy’s publishers say: ‘Tom Clancy creates the ideas for these series and the writers execute Clancy’s ideas. All are subject to his supervision.’ 

It helps if the writer has experience with the subject. It is not unknown for hoteliers, social workers, healthcare workers, policemen and entertainers to make more money selling the story of their life than living it.

Biographies don’t sell well but romance and adult romance certainly do. The latter generates $1.44 billion each year and most buyers are women. Hot on the heels of adult romance are crime novels but with sales at $728 million crime is unlikely to close the thigh gap.

Mills and Boon shrugged off its maiden aunt image by adding Cherish and Dare Romance books which are more sexually explicit. The thrust of passion fashion is described by the book publishers as ‘erotically charged and irresistibly passionate.’

Size is important: The word count for romantic novels is 50,000 plus whilst the average paperback is likely to consist of 70 to 80k words. Don’t worry if you can only manage say 30,000 words. A good ghost should be able to make up the difference by adding flair and flow and of course dialogue. A sticking point for many new authors is an embarrassment but if a pen name is used who knows?

Will you make the Rich List? It’s a lottery but ‘if you’re not in you can’t win’. Certainly, becoming a published author is viable. A 10-day cruise or a state-of-the-art camera would cost more than ghost-writing and publishing fees. On the credit side of things, royalties recover some or all of one’s outlay. These tend to be 10 to 15 per cent of the cover price and are paid directly into one’s bank account.



Professional writing services are not something many business owners use despite their importance to their shops, hotels, restaurants, their business. Fact: A single spelling mistake on a website’s home page will reduce sales by 50 per cent as it suggests professional sloppiness and possible fraud.

Although there is a pressing need for both translators and copywriters there is little demand for either. Translating is, of course, the conversion of say English to Spanish or Russian. The translation will be a faithful copy of the original content but like for like is rarely acceptable so avoid using Google translate.

Russians who translate to English are fine at grammar but the results fail to communicate in a way English speakers are comfortable with. The translation is wooden and written in bureaucracy-speak. Russian businesses tend to favour copywriters whose first language is English.

Copy-writing and ghostwriting (enhancing) is a creative trade in which there is a need for word empathy. The copywriter takes uninspiring content and ‘sexes it up’:

You sell the steak, the copywriter sells the sizzle. Fees charged for either service can be modest. Like much else in life you get what you pay for. Many translators are doing it ‘on the side’ and have only their time to consider. These translators are inappropriate for such legal and official documents that require a notary’s stamp.

On the other hand, the copywriter is rarely paid his true worth. He or she takes your written content and creatively spins a web of enticement to attract interest and buyers.

Their fees are often high and so they should be. You see an advert; he sees many hours of inspired concentration. Their job is to create masterpieces out of a basic sales pitch. The true business professional does not count the cost of the investment as he expects returns to be far higher. A good copywriter can multiply sales faster than a jackrabbit can fornicate to produce rabbit kittens. You cannot put a price on that. ~ Michael Walsh


If you have written a novel or biography but lack the skills to bring your work to retail standard Michael Walsh can help you.

Enquiries are invited from writers who have already written or are well advanced in writing their novels. There is a demand for fiction, real-life stories, mystery, romance, crime, erotica, and romantic comedy. Contact: or

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Few people are born to become dissidents, political activists or revolutionaries. A random glance at the lives and aspirations of figures on the patriotic right reveals that all presumed to follow quite conventional careers.

Michael Walsh is no exception. As a child, the writer-journalist had a voracious appetite for the great classics and boy’s adventure novels. As he matured, his interest pivoted to penmanship. In 2011, the editorial team of the then prestigious Euro Weekly News voted solidly to honour him with the prestigious ‘Writer of the Year’ award and cup.

Euro Weekly News: Writer of the Year

Michael Walsh
Awarded ‘Writer of the Year’ 2011

Michael years ago sacrificed a career in conventional writing in favour of political activism and writing. However, the now author of 64 book titles is convinced that had he shunned political activism for conformist writing, he would have become one of Britain’s most successful writers. Michael Walsh today is said to be Britain and Ireland’s most successful writer of multi-topic books and novels.

As a ghost-writer, a professional who edits and prepares for publishing the stories of those less gifted, Michael ghosted many books. His clients included a world-famous movie star and an international playboy. Smiling, he says that the lives of the less well known are far more interesting and exciting.’

It was 1995 when Michael, with two young sons to care for and in an attempt to break the cycle of poverty, wrote A Leopard in Liverpool. But, it was years later before the city vigilante thriller was published on Amazon where it received many tributes.

In 2019 in a further attempt to break the cycle of penury, the gifted writer followed up with The Stigma Enigma, which in the opinion of many is far more believable than Death Wish the movie.

Making a break from city vigilante thrillers, the now recognised writer penned The Souls Meet, a delightful story based on a paranormal-romance theme. With plenty of twists and turns, a feature of Michael’s novels, The Souls Meet has an ending that leaves the reader with much to think about.

Convinced he had the talent to match and even surpass the best of British novelists Michael Walsh was likened to John le Carre, the legendary writer of many British spy novels. The aspiring writer then turned his pen to writing the romantic comedy, The Dovetails.

This hot, raunchy and passionate affair certainly roused feelings, imagination and laughter. The Dovetails is finely chiselled together with precision and attention to detail. Obviously, Michael has a firm grasp on the depths and fantasies of women. Just off for a cold shower! The Dovetails is a recommended read,’ writes Annie Beverley Stamp of Merseyside.

Such was the success of The Dovetails which is based on an endearing ménage a trois romance that writing a sequel to the popular and admittedly adult content romantic-comedy was the next logical step.

Sex Fest at Tiffany’s, the most recent romantic comedy by Michael Walsh could easily qualify for the Book Title of the Century award before the first page is turned.

The title Sex Fest at Tiffany’s is a clear indication of the author’s consummate skill in innovation. It has been said that Michael’s style of writing has revolutionised romanticism. But, that is for Michael’s international readership to decide.

Philosophical, Michael Walsh says he suspects there are some who regret his departure from unconventional financially unrewarding writing.

He smiles: ‘You cannot make a living from niche writing. Had many followers in the past been more supportive then it would never have been necessary for me to write as a conventional novelist. Others put their jobs and careers first; I now do likewise and hope that I have not left it too late.’ 

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Had Michael Walsh focused on using his business expertise rather than following his ideological instincts he would likely be a wealthier person now. A highly respected business affairs columnist for media, Michael Walsh based his business counselling on a successful career as a business consultant.

The far-right Michael Walsh has been compared to John Harvey-Jones (1924 – 2008). The charismatic business advisor hosted the television series The Trouble Shooter which identified and removed problems troubling good but ailing businesses.


Back in 1987, the gun shop owner and former leader of British Movement was headhunted by the prestigious Guild of Master Craftsmen. The authoritarian business accreditation body was ranked higher than the British Standards and Kite Mark standards of business excellence.

Michael Walsh was the Guild of Master Craftsmen’s most successful and longest-serving Assessment and Recruitment Manager.


The quality assurance accreditation body’s patron was the Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher. The Guild’s membership base includes the most illustrious names in British industry, commerce and retailing industries.  In 1989, the highly acclaimed Federation of Master Builders also invited Michael Walsh to assess businesses on their behalf. Michael finally ‘retired’ in 2007.


During his 20-years’ service with business accreditation bodies, Mike Walsh vetted and assisted membership applications of over 1,000 businesses. Many business proprietors remarked that his analysis and advice was far superior to that of their bank or local authorities’ businesses course.

Drawing on his vast experience Michael Walsh later published his best-selling ‘business survival manual’, The Business Booster. He concedes that there are thousands of business advice books available.


“However, I was hands-on privileged to meet the heads of thousands of successful businesses. Some were sole traders whilst many were household name businesses. I learned a great deal from them. By making available The Business Booster I simply pass their advice to the coming generation of business builders.”

Unlike the authors of many ‘get rich quick’ book titles, Michael Walsh is no business theorist. He successfully created or managed a political movement, was a successful retailer, owned a printing and publishing business, and was Managing Director of Southern Comfit International, the international property syndicate for seven years.

During his period with trade bodies he became something of a legend for the quality of the advice he was able to give to businesses.  Many business owners concede that they owe their business success to his guidance.


On his retiring to Spain, Michael Walsh was engaged by the Euro Weekly News.  Europe’s largest newspaper group of its kind was keen to use his experience to benefit the business community.

The Business Matters survival manual is perfect for all business owners wherever they are in the world. The author says that any one of the several score advice stories is guaranteed to give a business the edge of its rivals.


“Read and absorb, apply the principles of The Business Booster and any business will survive and prosper in even the most hostile of competitive climates.  A unique hands-on guide to successfully and efficiently running a small business, The Business Booster by Michael Walsh is available on Amazon Books.


MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include THE BUSINESS BOOSTER and THE FIFTH COLUMN VOLUME I and II.

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Michael Walsh currently has eight books listed under BUY DIRECT. Royalties will be ploughed into adding further popular titles declared taboo by the treacherous troika; Amazon, Facebook, and Mainstream Media. When ordering the book contact Michael Walsh by email to receive your signed copy.

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When Amazon achieved book publishing dominance in 2009 it was an ambush. Book publishers were mowed down like conscripts in the trenches of the Western Front.  Prior to Amazon, book printers and unknown authors were a made in heaven partnership.

Amazon has since achieved notoriety not for the books it publishes but for the books it refuses to publish. Amazon has become Big Brother and rebel authors are forced to return to conventional publishing.

Your story 4

In truth, the old methods of book publishing were better.  Since, print-on-demand (POD) books have made it easier and cheaper for authors to publish and distribute their own books and they are doing better than Amazon.

What is POD book printing? One computer fed book printer run by a single operator has replaced scores of old crafts involved in old-style book publishing.  Within a few weeks, your manuscript is turned into 100 + beautifully bound books delivered to your doorstep. The cost of say 200 books is less than a new kitchen cooker.

Ghost-writer Michael Walsh has been printing and re-printing books since 1974.  The author’s name is on 52 book covers, eight of which are published independently of Amazon. The latter is more profitable than are the 51 Amazon-published books.

Your Story 1

“Amazon is merely a POD book publisher, the only difference being is their supremacy. When it comes to selling books they are as useless as a walking stick with a wheel on it.”

The author says that Amazon sells a few of his poetry collections. “However, when in 1999 I self-printed 3,000 small poetry books all sold out in weeks.

Ordinary folk have TV extraordinary peeps have libraries

“In the 1980s I self-printed Behind Enemy Lines, Special Weapons and Tactics, How to See in the Dark, Business Matters, Witness to History, Death of a City and other titles. I ordered each title in quantities of 1,000; all quickly sold.  The profits were higher than Amazon’s meagre 10%, which is what conventional book publishers pay authors anyway.”

The only stumbling block for self-publishing authors is how to sell their books from home or office. Michael Walsh has considerable experience in this field too.

There are three kinds of authors. 1) Specialist, like me, uses social media to promote their books. 2) Niche writers draw on their career or their life experiences. A holiday rep or hotelier will target the leisure market; a police officer will target their reviews and adverts at the crime and security markets.

Novelists, including romance and soft porn, deliver their books to local shops on a sale or return (SOR) basis. For instance, the author leaves 12 books and each week calls in to collect two-thirds of the cover price of the books sold in his absence.

How do I prepare and print my POD book? Michael Walsh says, “As a ghost-writer, I have brought to retail standard scores of poorly written books. In fact, most books, including those of household name authors, are ghosted.

ghost writer

When your book is print ready I prepare it for the book printers. As soon as payment is received your books are ordered in whatever quantity to you require and you await delivery; it really is that easy.

Authors are taking advantage of new technology harnessed not by Amazon but by them. It has never been easier; Amazon, eat your heart out.”

Mike Walsh 995 2x2-01 (1)


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Michael Walsh currently has eight books listed under BUY DIRECT. Royalties will be ploughed into adding further popular titles declared taboo by the treacherous troika; Amazon, Facebook, and Mainstream Media. When ordering the book contact Michael Walsh by email to receive your signed copy.





Michael Walsh, historian, and journalist, never found the time to be a novelist until recently, a term that is flexible.  It was during the 1990s when, down to his last brass cent, he wondered if salvation might come via a blockbuster novel. The dissident journalist put pen to paper and began work on Retribution later re-titled A Leopard in Liverpool.


He knew the plot had to tick all the boxes and most important the storyline had to be believable. The only one way to achieve this was to write a novel that draws on first-hand real-life experience. In many respects, A Leopard in Liverpool is painfully biographical. The reader will feel the skin prickles as he or she turns the pages.

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The novel is based on a mercenary’s planned vacation in his native Liverpool. His break goes downhill when during a chance meeting with a former girlfriend he learns that his adolescent daughter, whom he was unaware of, is ensnared by the maritime city’s lowlife. This was an epic fail on their part.

After being drawn into the 1960s Congo crisis and Simba Rebellion Liverpool seaman, Fraser McLeod morphed into a lethal humanoid. The leopard in the book’s title was the insignia of Commando Kansimba otherwise known as the Leopard Battalion under the command of the legendary Colonel Jean ‘Black Jack’ Schramme.

Years spent in Rhodesia’s anti-insurgency bush wars served to turn the dog-of-war into a cunning and resourceful predator. Camouflaged by the inner-city mixed-race nomadic jetsam his pubescent daughter’s trail has by now gone cold. The action heats up when the merciless MacLeod melts into the maritime city’s social sewers.

Those, whose trade is debt and death, flesh and illegal substances know how to discourage the inquisitive. Yet, they are no match for a prowling marauder for whom death is no more to be feared than is birth. The soldier-of-fortune turned arms dealer has a single lead and unquenchable thirst for a vengeful nemesis.

X 2268      Camera Press/ M. Kaplan/Retna Ltd

Readers of A Leopard in Liverpool will be much reminded of the Brian Garfield novel, Death Wish. The movie of the same title tells the story of Paul Kersey, a Manhattan architect, who became famous, or infamous for pedestrian vigilantism.

Parallels will also be drawn on the 1978 soldier of fortune Daniel Carney epic, The Wild Geese. When the film was made it became an iconic movie that allows us a peek into the world of the notorious dogs-of-war.

A Leopard in Liverpool makes Death Wish and The Wild Geese into a hot trilogy of drama, suspense, and brutal pedestrian vigilantism. Was Michael the man for the job? You decide but rest assured that much of the book is indeed biographical.  A Leopard in Liverpool skilfully combines real life with, well, you decide, is this saga all real life or not.


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