“Your EUphoria column was always my preference; it is very entertaining and witty.” ~ Aoife Leddy. Coastrider Newspapers.

“Some great articles; they are really informative and a worthwhile read for the majority of our readers.” ~ Lou. Editor, Trader Group of Newspapers.

“I think your style is excellent. I have just published the one on recession; an excellent piece of work.” ~ Editor Spanish News.

“Thanks for this month’s column; as stimulating as usual.” ~ Richard Way. Editor, A Place in the Sun magazine.

“I am honoured, Michael, thank you very much. Do please go ahead. Your style is aristocratic..” ~ Inge Rinkhoff, Marbella TV producer.


“Michael. I never really thought it possible for anyone to bring to life my autobiography as you did. I don’t exaggerate when I say you far exceeded my already high expectations. Thank you.” ~ Mickey Finn. In my Own Words: Still Running. Dublin.

“Michael, I have just read your last section with the James Hewitt bit. I thought it was brilliant. Not just about him but the whole section. I know I recognise myself. You have captured my emotions perfectly.” ~ Barbara Isaacs. Swinging Doors.

“Dear Michael. We are both so impressed with your style and content.” ~ Tony and Cynthia. The Sins of the Fathers.

“I have known Mike Walsh in a professional capacity since he expertly assisted me in the ghost writing of my book. I found Mike to be very professional and capable and have no hesitation in recommending him.” ~ Dieter Rudolph. Farewell to Hamburg.

“Thanks a lot for the first two edited chapters, Michael; it looks super.” ~ Britt Arenander. Lux Divina.

“So far, so good, you say? I say so far so very good! You inspire me to push on with this 20 year old project of mine.” ~ Will Murphy. A Matter of Trust.

“This is absolutely amazing. I can’t thank you enough. Your name is mentioned when people ask me about my book. I always tell the truth that you have ghost written my story.” ~ Chris Nand. Return to Devils Island.

“Many thanks for your efforts, I am most impressed.” ~ Fred Crowson. Rutter”s Raj

“Wow! It is what I wanted to say but you say it so much better. Thank you.” ~ Jan Richards. Author “The 12 Months of Christmas”.

“Hi Mike, This is fantastic. You are a genius. A great big thank you.” ~ Tony Gambardella. The Rise and Failings of the Gambardella Family.

“You are a star. My confidence is rising daily. Yes, I will continue.” ~ Pamela Price.

“You are so talented. Even after refusing to take on work offered by publishers they still write back to try and sweet talk you into having a go. That is why I am willing to double my offer on the subject mentioned in my previous letter.” ~ Harry Samiy. Unlimited Ideas Publishing, Portsmouth.

A big fan of yours

“Brilliant! Good to have you on board bringing a great edge to the newspaper.”  ~ Alfredo Bloy. Editor, Euro Weekly News.

You´re a superb writer